Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ice Cold With Alex

More words of wisdom from our learned friend and Blur bass player, Alex James.

"I was a hedonist. I wanted to get drunk and be irresponsible."


"I saw life merely as an opportunity to have as much fun as possible. All young people do, I think."

Wrong. We weren't all fun-loving, Alex. Many of us were depressed, you know.

And on why festivals became the place to be seen for hordes of middle class students in the 90s:-

"I think it was because the best music attracts the prettiest girls and when the pretty girls come, everyone else soon follows."

I think you'll find, Alex, that the best music in the 90s was in the clubs. And I'm at a loss to understand why being a pretty girl means you've got good taste in music. And does everyone follow pretty girls? I thought only creepy men followed pretty girls?

To be continued.


  1. Middle class students went to festivals because they had cars, camping gear and money for the three-day tickets.

    The 'best' bands have at least three fuckable members, so to speak. These bands attract young female fantasists, thin enough to be wearing whatever is the trend in hair arrangement and clothing.

    Blur isn't going to grow on me in middle age. Which is just another way of me saying "prat".

  2. Oh shitbags. I thought it was where the gays went that everyone followed. There's me, all up in the wrong sheep as usual.

  3. I can safely say that I have never followed a pretty girl. Also I have never ever worn wellies.

  4. "I saw life merely as an opportunity to have as much fun as possible."

    Oh dear. I haven't progressed much further past that stage.

    wv: twids
    (a form of prat?)

  5. Go for it Geoff...!

  6. Arabella - Three fuckable members? Surely that only describes the original Take That and Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. I liked Blur for about ten minutes at the time. Pulp were a hundred times better and more sexy.

    Boz - Well, I'd definitely trust the opinions of Fearne Cotton over those of Simon Amstell any day.

    Kaz - Pretty girls make graves. In their wellies.

    MJ - I'm sure your idea of fun is more fun than Alex's.

    Scarlet - I'm going for it!

  7. Put the book down Geoff....

    Step back from the book with your arms high....

  8. But I'm thoroughly enjoying it! But as soon as Keith Allen's mentioned the book's going out the train window.

  9. The best taste in music is enjoyed by a slightly awkward, earnest 13 year old girl.

    I don't follow them, not when I was their age, certainly not now.

  10. Right. Damien Hirst, Saatchi, Jade Goody and Blur. That's me caught up. Thanks Geoff.

  11. Billy - Of course outsiders have the best taste in music. They do not follow the crowds.

    Dick - You're welcome. Two decades worth in a few posts!

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  13. I really, really, really, really hate Alex James. More than Jeremy Clarkson. More than Peaches Geldolf.

    He's the smuggest man on the planet. I managed about a page and a half of the book (borrowed) before throwing it away in disgust.

    And Blur are shit.

  14. I didn't pay for the book, either. I would never have done that.

    I naturally have low blood pressure so it's quite pleasant to get it up to normal levels.

    Surely Damon is a bigger wanker than Alex, though. In fact only the drummer out of Blur seemed alright and that's probably because he kept his mouth shut.

  15. Yes Damon is annoying and has a terrible voice and I don't like any of his non-Blur musical endevours either, but at least he's actually doing something.

    Instead of just twatting around pretending to be a farmer and being all over the papers and the radio all the fucking time!

  16. You've convinced me. I've been lucky because I haven't seen or heard him or Keith Allen for a long time. Long may it continue!