Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Alex, Vic and George

So I finished the Alex James book. I didn't throw it out the window when Keith Allen made his unwelcome appearance and I trawled my way through Alex's flying lessons, his falling in love with the lovely lady he made his wife, his buying his very big house in the country and his soppiness at the birth of his beautiful children. Where was the cheese, Alex? I expected cheese.

And in just over a day (extremely unusual for me) I have read Vic Reeves' Me:Moir, the story of the first twenty years of his life. I liked Vic before and I like him even more now, though I am jealous, once again, of reading about somebody who grew up with friends who wanted to form a band.

Finally in my trilogy of three autobiographies, it's George Melly's, as recommended by Arabella. Yes, I'm keeping the least flamboyant, most conventional character 'til last. Come on, George. Don't let me down.


  1. 'I didn't throw it out the window'.
    But Why Geoff?

  2. George Melly? He won't let you down. Trust me.

  3. Kaz - But Betty's so looking forward to reading it once she's finished with Adam Ant! The first part of that sentence may or may not be true.

    Christopher - It's started well so looks promising.

  4. I am so impressed when anyone reads books that don't have pictures or drawings. I don't.

    OK that's not true I read god is not GREAT by Hitchens and The End Of Faith by Harris and they didn't have one picture..tough sluggin'!

  5. I went off Vic a bit when he started turning into embarrassing Uncle who thought he was just a little bit funnier than he is.

    That's my schtick.

  6. Donn - You're a better man than me. I failed to finish the Hitchens one.

    Rog - That stick routine doesn't age well. But Bang Bang and Catterick were excellent.

  7. Arabella - My dad loved Trad. But it had to be live and he never saw George.

  8. My ex boyfriend once worked in a factory with Vic Reeves somewhere in the North East. They were both lathers or grinders or something.

  9. Vic wasn't a Footlights boy, was he? Thank God.