Thursday, April 30, 2009


At the beginning of this month I went to pick up my repeat prescription at the chemist's. They'd neglected to order one of my items. I had enough of these pills to keep me going for a couple of weeks so I came back in the middle of the month to get them.

Yesterday I went to pick up a new supply of everything. The chemist said I was too early, I'd have to wait 'til the 15th or I could put my repeat prescription in jeopardy. I told her I was running out of one part of my prescription and the 15th would be too late. It was their fault I didn't get my full prescription at the beginning of the month. She relented but warned me of the possible consequences if I ordered too early in future.

So for next month I said I would like all the items on my prescription. She said I could have them all except for the hayfever nasal spray. Because it had been over six months since I'd ordered this item I would have to see my doctor to get it back on the repeat prescription.

I said the drug is for hayfever! For most of the year I don't get hayfever! Why should I order this drug in the middle of winter? I don't get hayfever in winter! What a stupid rule! Etc, etc.

But rules are rules and I'll have to waste my doctor's time in the next few months. Not just yet, you see, as I have a nice big stock of last year's over-ordered hayfever drugs at home. I hoard them like a squirrel hoards its nuts, bury them underneath more drugs, filling up the cupboard like a junkie.

I love that spray. I can't get enough.


  1. I see if we were Twitterers we could have been up to speed with all this 20 hours ago.

    Bloody chemists think they are rocket scientists ... they only seem to be putting pills in boxes.

  2. My God Man. What's in that spray? It's clearly highly addictive. Class A nasals?!

    I love going into the chemists. Amazing smells and loads of cough sweets. Brilliant.

  3. Yeah.. I'm a bit like that with hairspray.

  4. Rog - What I can't stand is all that red tape. Or "plasters" as chemists call them.

    Boz - The spray has a lovely floral aroma. Bees would give up their gift of flight for just one sniff.

    Scarlet - I have bad memories of my sister's 1980s hairspray. I don't want to go there.

  5. My mum use to get a repeat prescription as long as your arm.
    And - of course - it was all free.

    Being an unselfish sort of person she'd say - tick the valium and the Zantac 'cos you like those don't you Kaz and Dorothy upstairs likes the Gaviscon. Then there's some senna pods for the jaaz fan and I'll get some nebuliser ampoules for myself.

    The rest usually went unticked.

  6. Good for your mum! I'll get mine onto this straight away. I pay £95 a year and I try to get value for money, but if my mum could get it for free...

    All she's got to do is persuade the doctor she's got a hiatus hernia and has suddenly developed hayfever for the first time at 77. She already threatens me with her blood sugar test every now and then so she does like to share.

  7. Bloody alchemists and their bloody rules.
    Try switching to a New Age Aboriginal Homeopathic Witch Doctor..
    who knows, maybe licking frothy hallucinogenic Cane Toads is the answer?

  8. No, no, dock leaves is the answer. Rubbing them on to the affected parts works wonders, like it did when we were children. Not certain about hay fever, though. Maybe you could dry them in the cupboard and smoke them?

  9. Donn - Cane toads are a cure-all. I just don't understand why some people want to cull them.

    Christopher - I remember the relief from rubbing a dock leaf on a nettle sting. I wonder why I was so drawn to nettles in the first place?

  10. You druggie you!

    Go give that foliage some hell! If you threaten it with weedkiller, maybe it'll leave you in peace.

    ;- )

  11. I know this an obviosu choice, but Tippex always did it for at school.

    That and smelling salts. If you have a long hard blast on a small bottle of smelling salts it really does knock you sideways.

  12. Laura - I'm starting up my own apothecary.

    Emerson - Tippex? White lines - don't do it.