Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Soap On A Rope

Talking about Coronation Street today, I was told it was "downmarket". In comparison to University Challenge and QI.

Well, I suppose it is. You don't need to be brainy to watch it. But you can be.

Craig Charles, hyper-intelligent renaissance man, poet, author, comedian, DJ, actor, cokehead, has been having the piss taken out of him by supposed "Corrie fans" at the football.

"I’ve never had any problems like that with Red Dwarf fans, they’re generally intelligent people," he said to The News Of The World so it must be true. "Maybe not so much with Corrie, it’s kind of lowest common denominator stuff!"

No, Craig. Corrie's humour is subtle, requiring a more mature intelligence than a comedy made for teenage boys whose balls haven't yet dropped. Stick to your turgid Funk & Soul Show and your audience of three ageing talc-addled Northern Soul bores.


  1. The talc thing always bothered me. I mean, why not just go to the shoe menders and get him to suede the soles?
    It's very much a men's club, Northern Soul; hence the fetish with bath-time beauty products..

  2. Oops... I love Corrie and Red Dwarf...*slinks off quietly*

  3. You tell him Geoff..

    tha basturd!

  4. Isn't Red Dwarf the one that gave the term 'smeg head' to the world?
    I rest my case.

  5. Great title Geoff!

    I did go through a phase of adoring Red Dwarf - the series with the cowboys and Dwayne Dibley and stuff was very good.

  6. Arabella - I like the odd Northern Soul song but a whole night? You'd have to be on some kind of drug. You can't keep that up into your 50s.

    Scarlet - The teenage boy and the sophisticate are fighting within you.

    Donn - And his poetry was bloody awful.

    Kaz - I have never sniggered in my life.

    Rog - Actually I've never seen it. It just looks like the tyoe of thing I'd hate. But that hasn't stopped me slagging off something before.

  7. I've said before and I'll say it again.

    Everything I know about British culture I learned from watching Coronation Street.

  8. Trouble is, it gives you the impression most of us are neighbourly.

    We're not.