Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paul O'Grady/Old Lady

My stepdad got tickets off the internet for Paul O'Grady's television chat show. The retireds like Paul O'Grady now he doesn't dress up as a woman.

So off they went to that London, using their free transport passes and joined the queue to get in. But why were there two queues?

The woman in front of my mum said the other queue was the "Priority Queue".

After a while they found out what that meant.

The people in the Priority Queue went in first. Then a few people from my mum's queue were let in. Leaving lots of disappointed pensioners with promises that they shouldn't worry, next time they would be in the priority queue.

So a wasted journey for many, including the old woman who'd got three buses with her son as she was too infirm for the rigours of train and tube travel.

On the back of my mum's tickets, in small letters, it does explain that entry to the show is not guaranteed. Talking to a work colleague I have since found out that this is exactly what they do for Loose Women shows, too. It virtually guarantees a full house.

I am so angry at this I could spit. How Paul O'Grady can treat people who have fought in two World Wars in this way is absolutely disgraceful. O'Grady, if you're reading this, let me tell you now, I will never watch your show. Even if you're still on the telly when I'm retired, I'd sooner watch some cooking bollocks presented by someone with no personality than a so-called man of the people who has absolutely no scruples about wasting the time of hard-working ordinary people.


  1. Tsk. Men of the people usually grow out of it.

  2. So to which comedic homosexualist should the crumblies transfer their lavender-scented affections now? Is Alan Carr still officially not a Satanic cunt?

  3. I've never heard of Lou Swimmen - was he the one off of Little Britain?

  4. Scarlet - Danny La Rue never let anyone down.

    Tim - Alan's a bit too rude. Maybe he'll mellow with years.

    Rog - Did you know that Lou and Andy were named after Lou Reed and Andy Warhol? As if it makes it artistic in any way.

  5. They should have applied for a Michael Jackson ticket.

  6. Michael didn't have priority queues.

  7. Is this the queue for Val Doonican?

  8. Val's a gentleman. He wouldn't let down his fans.

  9. Alan Carr is often on O'Grady's show. That's two for the price of one.

  10. Maybe he'll pass the baton one day.

  11. That's just WRONG!
    that's show biz for ya!

    Fine print schmine print.

    It's the Producer's fault. This would make an excellent letter to the editor...start a REVOLUTION!
    Do it!

  12. I could be the voice of a generation. The generation above.

  13. Three World Wars, not two.

    Four if you count the '66 World Cp Final.

  14. O'Grady would be the monocled mutineer.