Friday, March 27, 2009

We Have The Actors, Why Not The Writers?

Twitter seems to have thinned things out. I continue to flit between twittering and blogging. But there's less of me here and more of me over there. And my attention span is getting even shorter. I can't read too much, I can't write too much. So why don't I shut up and get on with it?

I've written enough about the first Red Riding on here. The second and third episodes were probably even less entertaining and the various strands didn't really come together satisfactorily. It was a mess which left me not caring what the fuck it was all about. Let's just forget about it and watch something decent.

Like Mad Men. The second series is as good as the first. I can watch this beautifully written character-driven stuff 'til the cows come home. What's particularly galling is that we can't seem to do this stuff in the UK. The Americans hit us with superbly crafted stuff like The Sopranos, The Wire and Mad Men. What do we have? Piss poor adaptations of sensationalist novels.


  1. Blogging is loads of words, Twitter is a few words...the next logical step is that we all just exchange one word with each other. Maybe it's already here .... maybe it's called Scrabble!

    Can't wait for the Wire on BBC2 to find out what fuss was about. Why can't we make another Cold Feet..that was good.

  2. Even though I don't have a Twitter account, I am thankful I can at least eavesdrop on your Twittering.

    I see you started a discussion on electric shavers.

    You could do a whole blog post (with pics) about trying the various types of shavers.

    I, for one, would be fascinated.

    As for Mad Men, it's one of my fave dramas and I've watched season one twice. I am easily distracted by the fab sets and miss dialogue and have to rewind constantly.

  3. All that flitting and twitting you'll be able to wear those old trousers again soon.
    I haven't got the attention span to watch more than an hour of telly at a time. I'm thinking about getting the Red Riding books - available in Fopp.
    Then you can read a bit at a time.

  4. Rog - Twitter is perfect for getting things off your chest without having to think too much. The Wire is excellent but we needed the subtitles. Then again we need subtitles for almost anything that isn't in perfect Angela Rippon BBC English.

    MJ - I'd need to try a really expensive shaver to do justice to the world of shavers. Mad Men seems so authentic but advertising executives who were there at the time would probably shatter my illusions. I'm glad we can't smell the set as the odour of booze and cigarettes would be overwhelming.

    Kaz - You're right, I am losing weight. An hour at a time is ideal for a drama. I'm definitely not getting any David Peace books after watching the Clough programme the other night. Peace is preparing a novel about Clough's friend Geoffrey Boycott. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this.

  5. Apparently Peace didn't like the Red Riding adaps himself.

    Mad Men is great though. I love how on the surface very little happens, yet so much is done with what doesn't get said.

  6. I bet he liked the money!

    Every character in Mad Men is important.

  7. Red Riding was crap.
    See? I could have taught Eng.Lit.

  8. Maybe it's the method of team writing in the US dramas (though this was how Corrie worked, wasn't it?). When a writer was invited to join subsequent seasons of The Wire (I'm thinking of the guy who wrote 'Clockers') he had to be completely immersed in the development sessions that would direct characters seasons ahead, if ya feel meh.

  9. blogging is getting really hard! even concentrating long enough to leave a comment is proving a bit of a challen

  10. Vicus - The books will probably be on the syllabus with Nick Hornby.

    Arabella - Yes, team writing. Let's get away from this egotistical writer shit. Collaborate, people!

    Beth - I haven't got the energy for longer posts anymore. It's even an effort trying to be pithy.

  11. I enjoyed that Clough documentary on ITV, quality stuff. I also enjoyed The Damned United, the book and the film. Viewed as a portrait of Clough, I found it to be entertaining. I reckon if you feel strongly about personally boycoting the film then you won't miss out on anything. Not the best flick in the world but the bloke that plays Don Revie is a dead ringer. Uncanny.

  12. The Clough doc was very moving.

    My mum says why are people now saying Clough and Taylor were like boyfriends? All she can ever remember is them arguing.

    Good luck to Nigel at Derby!