Monday, March 30, 2009

My Blog's New Manifesto

Would your blog be more or less entertaining if you just wrote an online diary of your working life?

Mine would be a must-read. But I'm not going to do it, of course. I'm not that stupid.

So what you get is a mixture of tv reviews, news commentary and the strange things I'm told or overhear or see. Not really about the stuff that affects me directly.

Why not continue as before?

Because I'm finding it an increasingly arduous task to do the things this blog was set up for. I'm getting bored of waffling on about stuff off the telly. I can comment more succinctly on Twitter. I can get things off my chest there without having to construct something deep and meaningful, making my brain ache.

So from now on, expect ill-thought-out opinion and observation, not long-winded review. There are too many words in the world as it is.


  1. I shall look forward to future posts, and quite frankly there is only so much I can write about sanitary wear in a deep and meaningful way ;o)

  2. I suppose 'ill-thought-out opinion and observation' means rant.
    Sounds good to me - oh and could you include the odd word about football -er - and your mum and maybe your CD collection.

  3. You've put the New Man in New Manifesto Geoff.

  4. More rants, please.

    And references to Coronation Street.

    If that's too much to ask, just post the colour of your mood for the day.

  5. Scarlet - But posts on sanitary wear can be either heavy or light reading.

    Kaz - Sounds good to me. I don't want to alienate people with rants about football, though. Actually, yes I do!

    Rog - The old man no longer exists!

    MJ - I don't want to alienate people by ranting about Corrie. Actually, yes, I do!

  6. My working life currently involves job applications interspersed with a daily dose of Homes Under the Hammer. Got in trouble for writing about my working life when I had one (though knowing of libel laws etc, there was nothing in my postings I could be done for since I hadn't identified or abused anyone, not even the workplace.) Would certainly recommend anonymity for going down this route though.

  7. It might be cathartic but I NEED AN AUDIENCE!