Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Don't Believe The Hype - Broadstairs Is Crap, Too

Isn't the weather glorious? OMG!

It's days like these that I wish I was by the coast. But not any old coast.

The papers show pictures of crowded beaches. Usually Bournemouth, sometimes Brighton. You know, an easy day's return from London.

There's nothing more unappetising to me than a day on a crowded beach. You need space on a beach. You need to be able to walk along it without having to slalom burning bodies.

I want to be by the coast but I don't want crowds. I want a nice walk along a deserted beach, a nice walk along a not too vertiginous cliff top and a nice few hours sitting, reading, listening to the waves.

I'm bored with the seaside in Kent, though. I've had enough of my previous favourites, Deal and Reculver. The driving there and back isn't worth the mediocre views. I'd rather spend the day in our garden, even with the smell of wafting barbecued meat assaulting my delicate nostrils.

Later this month we're off to Anglesey for a week. The views are splendid there. There is room for us to walk and relax.

And don't you just know it will be pissing down.


  1. Give my best to everyone at Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

  2. Nah, Anglesey's always been gloriously sunny whenever I've been there!

  3. The views are good at Beachy Head... well, apart from the nekkid old men...

  4. What's wrong with Herne Bay eh????

  5. I must be one of the few people in the north west who never made it to Anglesey..........and I think at my age the excitement might just be too much

  6. Rog - They're very rude on the island. Last time I asked for directions to that place they gave me a right mouthful.

    Katie - It has for us, too. But we've never stayed on the island.

    Scarlet - I asked for non-vertiginininous!

    MJ - Everywhere we go, we always take the weather with us.

    Billy - Herne Bay is as far as we walk from Reculver. We get instantly depressed then walk back again.

    Kaz - Is it only Scousers that go there? George Melly was a regular in his youth. If you pop over to Lovers' Island you'll see me and Betty hand-in-hand as we gaze wistfully out to sea.

  7. Arne - you need to go to Arne - there is never anyone on the beach - you need a boat though.

    It rained on Anglesey when I was last there in 1984. Henley's Hall Hotel, are you staying there? They may have other hotels by now though.

  8. Go to South Stack for a nice walk and Puffins! (who can resist 'em?)

  9. Ziggi - Arne? "I'll be back!" We're not staying at that hotel. It's top secret where we're staying. It will not rain it will not rain it will not rain.

    Katie - We will, to see those cheeky little fish eaters. We saw a carpet of puffins at Skomer one year. They're smaller than I'd always thought they'd be.

  10. The seaside smells, though, don't it? It smells of dead stuff and rotting whatever. Call me a contratian.

  11. contrarian. I'm typing in the dark.

  12. The sea air clears the passages, though.