Saturday, June 13, 2009

I Don't Do Facebook

I am a hypocrite. Banksy really pisses me off for hiding his/her real identity from the world. Yet I refuse to join Facebook as I don't want my own name out there, having to make friends with people I'd rather not be friends with.

The rush for Facebook Vanity URLs is presumably now over. It's too late for me to be the biggest "Geoff Twat" on the internet. Let some other Twat be the biggest Twat. See if I care.

From what I've seen of Facebook it seems to be populated with:-

1. Pictures of groups of pissed young women with red eye.

2. Pictures of groups of pissed young men with red eye.

3. Pictures of groups of pissed young women and pissed young men together with red eye.

4. Pictures of wedding parties on tropical beaches, including the bride's two young children from her first marriage.

What a load of bollocks! But then again I don't see what you bloggers get up to on there. Am I missing out?


  1. I get it! This is a double bluff isn't it?

    I've worked it out. If you take the letters from "WET BLANKET" and add the Spanish "SI" and jiggle them up, you get "That Twat Banksie".

    You're outed Geoff!!!

  2. I have been sent invites to Facebook and I always decline.
    Btw, Banksy is Peter Mandelson larking about.

  3. Imagine blogs but instead of pictures of cartoon dogs or Rip Van Winkle you had pictures of the actual person, and their real name.

    That is Facebook.

    It's the internet for people who don't like the internet.

  4. Rog - I'm bang to rights, it's me, Banksy! Fucking police state.

    Scarlet - I don't see why anybody wants to get in touch with Keith or Claire Jones from Form 3B.

    Billy - Isn't it also a bit of a Very Good Friends Reunited? I wasn't Very Good Friends with any of the boys at my school so I think I'll abstain.

  5. You'll always be the biggest "Geoff Twat" to me.

  6. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Facebook is rubbish. I'm there for a Very Good Reason I Won't Go Into On This Forum, but wouldn't be otherwise. I've got in touch with a few people from the past, which might have been something, except it wasn't.

  7. As far as I can guess, most people from my past loathe me.
    I'm quite curious about them but have jee-usst enough self esteem to step back from the search button.
    And more than anything, FaceBook or MySpace or whatever it is looks such an awful mess I can't bear it.

  8. What disturbed me about Facebook was discovering how many of my acquaintances know each other, without having informed me.

    (The word verification is 'calidium', which I'm sure was a precious mineral in an episode of Blakes Seven, but only after it got rubbish, with the second Travis.)

  9. Not a lot Geoff. Just a shameless vehicle to promote my latest blog posting once a week if I'm honest.

    Most things about Facebook bore me rigid, much though it's nice to have 67 soulmates.

    Now Twitter - there I draw the line!

  10. Kaz - Thank you. I'm proud of my name.

    Bob - The past belongs in the past. Although people I went to school with do haunt my dreams. I don't want them to know that.

    Arabella - I've had a look at profiles of people from the past over members' shoulders on Friends Reunited and find nothing in common with me and my life. Facebook's even worse because you'd have to be friends with work acquaintances, too.

    Tim - We were watching Village Of The Damned last night. Don't look into their eyes.

    Christopher - Thank you. You've saved me from taking up Strand cigarettes.

    Laura - 67? I don't think I'd get into double figures. Twitter is anything you want it to be and you don't have to give away your true identity.

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  12. I'm afraid I've grabbed a really useful url already.

  13. How do you pronounce Login? Like Rodin?

  14. I'm not on Facebook but my male friends post pics of themselves dressed up in ladies clothing on their accounts.

  15. That is disgraceful!

  16. Boys will be boys.

  17. Or should I have said, boys will be girls?

  18. I don't believe you are missing out. But I have only just discovered your blog, so I think I have been.

  19. MJ - The latter. Why bloody not!

    Mr London Street - Welcome and thank you. This blog peaked about four years ago but I still keep it limping along.

  20. Mine peaked four months ago because I decided to start blogging about four years after everybody else.

  21. I'm not one of the originals. I'm part of the noo wave.