Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Terrible Middle Class Humour

Reading John O'Farrell's An Impartial History Of Britain Or 2000 Years Of Upper Class Idiots In Charge I am struck by a surfeit of terrible middle class humour. It's there on every page, sometimes more than once a page. It is too much to take.

In my lifetime, I have been bombarded with terrible middle class humour. Time and time again I have sat down to watch a tv show and there it is, terrible middle class humour, sniggering at itself, thinking it's clever, thinking it's funny.

I bought this book last year at a reduced price. I haven't felt so short-changed since that awful Bill Bryson one.

Now where's my Jim Davidson autobiography?


  1. Having an outside lav, tripe for tea and only one bath a week is nothing to laugh about.

  2. Oh dear - Poor Geoff.
    Why do you punish yourself like this?
    I quite liked 'Things Can Only Get Better' about his thankless (pre Blair) pursuit of a Labour victory

  3. Come on Geoff, you'll be telling us next that you don't piss yourself watching "My Family".

    (That's the TV programme of course, not my family)

  4. Scarlet - It is if you went to Cambridge.

    Kaz - This one's supposed to be informative, but most of all, funny. It was very wearing from page one.

    Rog - My Family is the tip of a very big iceberg which includes a lot of critically acclaimed and award-winning comedy.

  5. which awful Bill Bryson one?

  6. The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid.


  7. ah yes that one, also the one where he walks everywhere, that was boring.

  8. It's all just an endless game of musical chairs featuring middle class twats exchanging 'witticisms'.

    I prefer bare knuckle boxing me.

    And ferret fancying.

  9. Ziggi - America didn't want him so they fobbed him off on us.

    Garfer - Salt of the earth.

  10. "It is if you went to Cambridge"....tea down the front of my shirt - a first!