Friday, June 05, 2009

Farage Balloon

9.05 p.m...

"Oh, it's that programme with Meera Syal. I like her. She's a good woman and really intelligent. Her husband's good as well. Do you like him, Geoff? He's got a new show starting soon, Sanjeev."

9.30 p.m...

"It was such a long list, wasn't it? Too big for the booth. I was looking at some of the names. Did you see Labour had three Indian names? That settled it, I wasn't going to vote for them. It took me ages to find UKIP. They weren't called UKIP, though. They were called the UK something or other."


  1. I'm sure Betty has her reasons...


  2. LOL!

    UKIP are the party of choice for the comfortably-off over 75s. Betty is neither.

  3. You lucky, lucky bastard. You live in an area where you are not the only voter.
    It's been ten years since I saw another voter at our polling station.

  4. What kind of Indian names?

    Sitting Bull?

  5. Vicus - We've never had to queue. We were outnumbered last night by police and officials.

    Billy - Better than the bunch of cowboys we've got now.

  6. Sorry Geoff, I don't believe Betty voted UKIP. She's taking the piss. She's from somewhere like Bulgaria herself isn't she?

  7. It was my mum! Betty's definitely from somewhere like Bulgaria. The West Midlands.

  8. I used to teach a pair of 14 year old lads who were best friends - one a Sikh and the other a Muslim.
    The Muslim would often rant on about how he hated Sikhs and vice versa.
    I really don't think they thought it was at all strange.
    (I won't tell you who I spotted in the voting queue as I've bored Rog and Malc already.)

  9. I always thought that Betty might be a racialist! They come over here, those Bulgarians, take the piss out of our shite music, and then pull up the drawbridge!


  10. If you vote for candidates with Indian names it makes your pencil smell of curry.

  11. Kaz - It's all about fitting in with other people's expectations. We need a fairy godmother to sprinkle goodness over the world. I know who you spotted in the voting queue. It was him off The Bill.

    Spin - One day I'm going to confiscate her Bernard Manning DVD.

    Tim - And the UK won't be the UK any more.

  12. Eh?

    *the foreigner wanders off, looking confused*

  13. Look up some images of UKIP leader Nigel Farage and it will become self-evident.

  14. I voted for UK First party whatever they are.

    Hope they're not nazi's!

    ;- )

  15. You know who I saw in the polling station (conveniently situated on our estate)? Nobody. I was the only one there. Hurrah for British apathy!

    I agree with your mum, there were too many choices. And it was in alphabetical order, a mistake I feel, as the BNP were at the top.

  16. Laura - Oh, I'm sure they're not. They're just a bit nostalgic for the old days.

    Annie - Yes, the BNP were the easiest ones to put a cross by. The poor independents at the bottom were almost on the floor.

    MJ - What a lovely, caring man.