Sunday, June 07, 2009

Teenage Angst

Although a lazy sod at home, at work I work hard. I work to pay the bills. Job satisfaction involves getting some figures to agree.

Today I googled someone who went to the same two schools as me. He's a professor now.

He had enthusiasm for his subjects. Straight A's at A Level. Degree, postgraduate degree. Enthusiasm all the way through. He must have had it, mustn't he? You don't get to be a professor without an enormous amount of enthusiasm for your subject.

Some people just naturally fit in with the way the world's been constructed. I'm incredibly jealous of them.

Last week I was asked if I've always liked figures. I said no, I've never liked them, but I can live with them. I like words and music. But words and music don't pay the bills. Unless you're very lucky or very talented.

Why couldn't I have been born with enthusiasm for things that I could earn money from rather than things I've spent thousands on? Why did my parents have to have me?

Everything's so unfair.


  1. Go to your room Geoff!

    (You could sneaked in at the last minute for the Oxford Professorship of Poetry after the kerfuffle)

  2. Count yourself lucky that you know the difference between under graduate and post graduate. I haven't even got the enthusiasm to look it up.

  3. That's are very good with words..quite economical really because you say so much with a few words.

    Music is Math,,oh sure there is that mysterious part about why each of us prefers certain progressions and combinations but it is all about the patterns.

    I think that you could write fabulous books about music or be a fine critic becuase you don't suffer fools and you have a tremendous insight into what works.

    You were born because..I'm afraid that's all there is to it.

    Ohoh word verification was YANNI

  4. Do you mean 'Why did my parents have to have me?' or 'Why did my parents have to have me?'

  5. Rog - I've been called a plum a few times so I could be Professor Plum.

    Istvanski - The world wasn't made for you and me.

    Donn - Thank you. I'm going to have to wait 'til I'm retired if I'm going to do anything, though. I haven't got the energy to work and play as much as is necessary. Maybe I need to eat more Mars bars.

    Kaz - It's all me me me. But It's A Wonderful Life, isn't it?

  6. Why did my parents have to have me?

    Because they were drunk like everyone else’s parents.

  7. I expect your parents were extraordinarily enthusiastic about what turned out later to be you. I'm sure they weren't disappointed, either.

  8. MJ - I refute that! They were only drunk on love and optimism!

    Christopher - True. I'm the disappointed one.

  9. I'm drunk on love. And wine.

  10. I couldn't be bothered.

  11. Billy - You can't have one without the other.

    Vicus - I couldn't either, really.