Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mark E Smith Reads The Footbal Results - Part 2

Ah, so I get to see it, do I? Thanks to the wonders of broadband and Real Player.

I thought it was going to be another tribute to John Peel:
"Peel always wanted to hear Mark Smith read the football results. We thought this would be a fitting tribute to the great man," says a 47 year old man with a tear in his eye.

But I was wrong. It happened because the producer of the BBC's interactive Saturday afternoon football show is a Fall fan and the theme music of the show is, surprise surprise, by The Fall.

So, the great man (Smith, not Peel) reads the football results.

Of course, he is funnier in five minutes than a whole series of series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. 47 year old men have tears of laughter in their eyes, mixed with tears of sorrow as they're always reminded of Peel when they hear the voice of the great man (Smith, not Peel).

"Tottenham Hotspur Postponed, West Ham 1H"
"Milton Keynes", not Milton Keynes Dons.
"Bristol", not Bristol Rovers.

He's riffing.

But it's over so quickly, no Conference, no Scottish leagues. A little bit of chat where he insults Ray Stubbs' hair.

And then off for a few seconds of Mick McCarthy who is a rabbit in the headlights, wondering how Sunderland can walk the Championship, then a few months later playing the same kind of football, head back down towards it again.

Tottenham Hotspur Postponed.

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