Friday, November 04, 2005

Question Time - David Davis v David Cameron

Possibly good news for us sufferers of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

My mother says, "There was an article in the Mail about that thing you've got".

The article is retrieved from the recycling box, and it's all hail the Mail!

The Plicator is a clamp which squeezes stomach tissue together to make a tighter valve, preventing the contents of one's stomach from lurching up into one's oesophagus. The device is a new alternative to surgery which has always been a last resort. David Blunkett had the operation a couple of years ago.

Millions of us throughout the developed world could be freed from reliance on expensive acid suppressant drugs which are limited in their effectiveness as they only stop our poor little gullets from being damaged by our nasty old stomach acid. They do not stop the feeling of regurgitated discomfort that's a way of life for us poor old sods.

But now, who knows? In a few years' time, I may be able to lie flat on the ground and stare at the clouds without a horrible feeling rising up towards my throat, the sort of feeling I may have got if I'd watched this television programme.


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