Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mark E Smith reads the Football Results

Highlight of the week and we missed it. Happily asleep, recording Final Score, not realising you could only view it live by pressing the Sky red button...

Oh well, there's always the guardian's list of "the top 250 humorists in the British Isles" to read. By "top" I presume they mean "best paid", as I can't see any of my fellow bloggers in this list.

The idea of the list is to create a humour map of Britain, based on where the boys and girls were born and brought up. Funnily enough, London is the funniest place with 57 out of the 250 jokers. Who says the Media is up its own arse?

The two nearest comedians to me are Linda Smith and Mark Steel. Not surprising as they both have the same strange faux working-class accent. The problem is, nobody else around here speaks like that. NOBODY.


  1. Pray they don't breed.

  2. Registrar: Father's profession?
    Smith/Steel: Comedian.
    Registrar: Mother's profession?
    Steel/Smith: Comedian.
    Registrar: You're joking.