Thursday, November 17, 2005

Take That - For The Record

I think Betty's going to do a post on this so I won't say anything apart from...

Gary Barlow's songwriting ability knocks spots off Guy flaming Chambers'. How many more times in my life will I have to listen to bleeding Angels?

I'm off work for a few days and my time off neatly coincides with us getting a new boiler put in. A chance to watch a bit of telly and do a bit of reading and blogging.

Off to the library this morning to take back the Wyndham recommended The Midwich Cuckoos. Very enjoyable it was, too. I've now started reading Michel Houllebecq who seems a nasty little man and should be right up my street.

So, back from the town centre and its gallapagan coffee drinkers and its Woolworths playing I Want to Break Free on a crackly sound system to miserable shoppers on the cold pedestrianised street, I decide to have a nose into my stats. Just what sort of people are reading my blogs?

Draw your own conclusions from the following search words:-

1. geoff love westerns.
2. england poland 1973 commentator.
3. geoff the.
4. hans link.
5. dog fouling.
6. gilbert harding.
7. jimmy savile.
8. sir geoff the badger.
9. never mind the buzzcocks dressed as a woman.
10. gay shag fest.
11. nasty watches with naked women on it.
12. naked girls crapping.
13. oldest woman fucking.

The last one is my favourite as I was only number 38 on the search list, beaten to number 31 by what I would have thought was the far more apt 'fat grannies mature anal - grannies sucking cock'.

But then I see the excerpts from my blog and all is clear:

'Geoff's Dream Blog...laughs in a high pitched screech at the least fucking thing. The man on my right reeks of...a barley field eating garibaldis with the oldest woman I've ever seen'.

I really am a filthy old bastard, aren't I?

Geoff's Thumb Rating: Plenty of soap and water.


  1. Back For Good was probably the finest pop song of the 90s. And I stand by that.

    The rest was shite, though.

  2. Take That were the best boy band ever. Which isn't saying much.

    Girl bands such as All Saints, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, etc knock them into a cocked hat.