Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Letter To The Sun Newspaper

Dear Editor

I am afraid I cannot summon up any "revulsion over another botched hanging", a feeling which you say is "worldwide".

Iraq is still a long way from becoming a peaceful democracy with civilised executions.

However, the more people who are executed by hanging, the more experienced the practitioners will become, and the more expertly the job will be done. There is nothing more morally uplifting than a perfect execution, performed with grace and humility, allowing a dignified end to life.

Messrs Bush and Blair have started the democratic ball rolling. It is up to the Iraqi people to run with it so that they too can one day have a capital punishment system to be proud of.


  1. "Messrs Bush and Blair have started the democratic ball rolling" - is that a reference to that bloke's head rolling off the gallows?

  2. *Perfect execution* - I can spot a career opportunity there for organising 'Execution parties'!
    Favourite music, miniature pork pies, Chardonnay - All in the best possible taste... of course.

  3. Betty - Apparently, his head might have come off because he had cancer. It's all God's will.

    Kaz - Sounds perfectly splendid.

  4. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Quite right. Hang the lot of 'em. Especially that R Dean Taylor bloke...

  5. Poor R Dean. He never done anybody wrong.

  6. Nevermind the hanging stuff, it should be death by firing squad.

    That way we can start re-selling arms to the Iraqis.

  7. Bloody well right Sir Geoffrey!
    My gawd can't those bloody people do anybloodything bloodyright.