Saturday, January 13, 2007

R Dean Taylor Day

It's R Dean Taylor Day today here on Contains Mild Peril.

Here's a bearded loon on the run from Threshers in the video of Indiana Wants Me. Scruffy git deserves all he gets if you ask me.

And here's a snatch of the ex President and First Lady of Northern Soulah, Mr & Mrs Smith, before she left him for boily necked working class wannabe, Nigel Kennedy.

Come on, this'll only take five minutes of your time.

If you haven't got it, BUY THIS ALBUM.


  1. And a fine day for it. Oooh, I used to play the 45 of this on the gramaphone in the front room;
    Indiana Wants Me was the B side (or was it a double A?). Trips to the school disco were usually miserable affairs for me but I loved bopping with my friend Kim to 'There's a Ghost".
    While watching The Fall I remembered Ted Chippington all of a sudden. Is it because they had the squarest heads on the gig circuit?

  2. GramAphone? Weeps.

  3. It's a lovely album even though it includes a song where he owns up to his lust for a 14 year old girl. And the same James Taylor song I had to learn on the bloody guitar. Maybe R Dean and James were related?

    I never went to a school disco - it probably would have been jazz funk to draw in girls from the girls' school. Which is a shame because I'm a natural dancer.

    Not previously knowing him, I've spent a few minutes investigating Ted Chippington (Betty knew of him, of course, but only ever saw him on telly). It looks like he's making a bit of a comeback this year.

  4. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Sorry Geoff, it was yesterday. I've missed the boat. As usual.

  5. Sorry you missed the party, Murph.

    It was a last minute thing. Next time I'll plan it in advance.

  6. The R Dean celebration made me want to root out another 'strangely signed to Motown' treasure I have in a box somewhere: a soul LP by Kiki Dee. Class!

  7. I'm very late indeed. Enjoyed both, ta.

  8. Nigel Kennedy? What was she thinking?

  9. Arabella - I was in love with Kiki Dee as a young teenage idiot. I never knew she had soul.

    Richard - You're welcome. Don't worry, this won't be a regular thing.

    Billy - I hated the way he called her "Brixey".

  10. I must say, Geoff did a Wikipedia search on Kiki Dee, and I've now found out that she isn't actually Simon Dee's sister. That was something my mother told me more than thirty years ago and I've just found out it's NOT TRUE.

    I'm in a state of shock.

  11. Re Mr Smith - I've just finished Stuart Maconie's 'Cider with Roadies'.
    He loves him.
    I'm going to do a post about the book if I have the energy.

  12. I'll look forward to it, Kaz.

  13. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Wasn't Zoe Ball's sister called Kiki?

  14. She's got even worse taste in music than her sister.

    Zoe: indie dance

    Kiki: indie bollocks

  15. You should never trust anyone with two-tone hair.

  16. Is he related to L Ron Hubbard or H Rider Haggard?

  17. Recent pictures have him looking a bit Haggard.

  18. Lord I can't go back there.
    I wonder why Kid Rock didn't cover that puppy?
    Hmmm, I should call him, this could be his Travoltian Pulp Fictional Career Fixer-upper...
    might cheer him up after Pam's 'Andersons' walked out the door.