Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Street Life

We've had Andy Whyment from the Royle Family recreating his dim-witted character in Corrie.

Now it seems we've got Rodney Litchfield from Early Doors, sitting in the pub by himself, a miserable old bastard who never buys a round.

Corrie are nicking the best characters from the great Craig Cash comedies. Which makes me happy as you can't really see them acting like lunatics and getting involved in ridiculous murder storylines. No, they'll keep Corrie light-hearted.

In last night's episode, Street lothario Dev tried to get off with Rodney's granddaughter by buying her a drink, not realising the drink was for her grandfather.

"Thanks for the drink, chief," said the old man as he left the Rovers.

"Is he being racist?" asked Dev of the granddaughter.

"He calls everyone 'chief'" she replied. "Besides, I think he can tell the difference between people with roots in the Indian subcontinent and native Americans." (or words to that effect).

Eh? Is this in response to the Big Brother furore? It's one of those lines you get in Corrie now and then where the scriptwriter is being clever but not really making much sense.

There are no racists in Corrie. Plenty of murderers, but no racists. There are people of different colours and backgrounds just getting on with life, drinking a hell of a lot, and falling in and out of love. Maybe less realistic than Big Brother but a damn sight more entertaining and with more lovable characters.

Can we just vote Janice Battersby out of the Street for good?



  1. That's where the expression "cashing in" comes from.

    Mr P. loved "Early Doors" but thinks they went downhill after "Light My Fire".

  2. I accidentally watched some of Corrie and saw that bit. What was that all about?

  3. It's great isn't it and he was EXACTLY the same character.
    Much more reassuring than having the Early Doors coppers interrogate Myra Hindley.

    Now that was really unnerving.

    I've seen an advert for a programme coming soon which gives Janice a makeover.
    I think it's going to be called 'Mission Impossible'.

  4. Murph - Do you think the Early Doors team get commission for creating the character? Tell Mr P they never went downhill. Unlike Sonny Bono.

    Billy - The scriptwriters do tend to go "off on one" as they used to say on Brookside. It's a safety valve.

    Kaz - I missed the Hindley programme. Did they really? Not many laughs there. Janice needs Nick Park to remould her mouth.

  5. Haven't been able to relate to it since George Fairchild showed up as Don Brennan.

  6. Never saw Brass, Vicus - didn't watch much telly in the early 80s.

    Looks like the writers of Brass were Corrie writers, too.

    Come on ITV. Bring it back.

  7. And push Gail over a cliff while you're at it.

  8. I think I'm the only Corrie viewer whose favourite character is Gail.

    No I DON'T bloody fancy her.

  9. Was it you who sent those cards to her signed "Richard Hillman?"

    What does the Fleesh have to say about all this?

  10. I wouldn't want to mess with Gail's mind. She's only ever done what she thought was best for her kids and look how they turned out! Gail is proof that you can do all the right things and still produce awful human beings. As a single mother myself I have every sympathy for her. All families need a strong man about the house to instil some discipline. No wonder the country's going to the dogs when fathers are being murdered and going off with younger pieces of skirt.

    I don't want to encourage the Fleesh, MJ. Since he hasn't troubled the charts yet I think his career's in freefall and I think he may be a little bitter.