Saturday, January 20, 2007

Modern Day Heroes Part One

Russell Brand, zombie version of George Roundy, Warren Beatty's character in Shampoo.

You love him or you hate him.

I used to hate him, now I love him. Not for his humour but because he's always there and I just happen to like it that way. I don't need to watch him, it's just good to know he's there. He's a thoroughly nice bloke with "wanker" written all over him. But don't worry, he knows it. And anybody who's been called a cunt by Sir Bob Geldof is alright by me.

Saw Shampoo, the film, last week for the first time. Still don't fancy going back in a time machine to late 60s California. Still happy I've never taken drugs.

The film ends with the old rich man getting Julie Christie. As if that sort of thing happens in real life!


  1. I love Russell, but I wish he'd use his volume control 'cos his relentless multidecibel shouting does my 'ed in.

    Everyone loved Julie Christie.

  2. I'm turning over a new leaf and posting about people I like.

    Just that I've started off with someone that most bloggers can't stand.

    He does overdo the shouting a bit but I think that's nerves. He lives off his nerves.

    "Everyone loved Julie Christie." I can take that both ways and I prefer the more innocent interpretation.

  3. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I love his winey, faut-cockernee accent. It's very relaxing in a post-7/7 ironic way.

    Wasn't it the great Roderick Stewart who declared him a cunt for attempting to shag his daughter-by-one-of-his=-many-trophy-toxic-wives? Pot-Kettle Alert on standby there I think.

    Controversially, though, I'm not sure he's fit to iron Harry Hill's shirt collars.

  4. Glad to see we agree, Murph :)

    I think Harry Hill is a loss to the NHS.

  5. I violently hated him.

    Then I went to see his stand-up* and he was much less of a twat than you might have expected.

    I stand corrected.

    *I got freebies - I wouldn't have actually paid

  6. It's good that he wears women's trousers, too.

  7. I'm still hating him at the moment. I still associate him too much with Myspace, like that stupid Allen woman. I've seen a clip from his new DVD and he appears to be walking around in the street in dirty underkecks pissing himself and I didn't find it at all funny. I have heard some of his R2 show though and it was quite entertaining. Oh, I don't know.

  8. I'm not sure whether I'd find him entertaining if I saw too much of him. He seems a thoroughly nice bloke, though.

  9. Arrrrrrrrgh! That Russell Brand has GOT to be the biggest cunt on telly at the moment.

    I really cant stand him.

    Oh and 'Hello!'. Our first time here, and thanks for registering over at our place!

  10. EVACUATE!!!!

    Piggy and Tazzy have landed here!

    *explains the stench coming from this blog*

    *sprays air freshener around before leaving*

  11. Hello P&T. I'll be over at yours regularly now you're officially safe for work.

    MJ - Is that Ocean Breeze?

  12. It doesn't hurt that Brand is a West Ham supporter, does it, when all we've got to choose from is Noel Edmonds and David Essex. And the professional Cockernee with the Nanny State thing going on.

  13. I think I prefer Noel Edmonds to Ray Winstone. He's more real.

    Brand's Guardian column has become less OTT wordy lately and is much better for it.

  14. Eh? What? We're safe for work? How the fuck did that happen?

    We'll sort that problem out forthwith.

    *kick MJ in the muff - this time whilst wearing my oversized wellington boot and safety harness*

    *hears poor wellington boot muttering 'It's full of stars....'*

  15. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Like you, Geoff, I turned from dislike to becoming a Russell Brand fan. Germaine Greer approves.

  16. Welcome, Benjamin. A little goes a long way, eh? I think that's probably right. He's not a great comic but still likeable.

  17. 'Rabbit' Warren,
    a.k.a.the biggest Dick in Hollywood...
    works on so many levels don't it?

    No other leading man in Hollywood will ever match the notches on his bedpost...but I did feel sorry for him getting bossed around by Madonna in that concert tour film of hers.

    Did you ever see Julie Christie get 'devoured' by Canada's own Donald Sutherland in the aptly titled
    Don't Look Now back in '73.

  18. Right at the beginning?

  19. I saw Brussel Strand the other night on the post-Big Brother analysis type show. He makes me want to retch he really does BUT he was very funny. It's a bit of the Simon Amstell Syndrome isn't it? I genuinely used to think Simon Amstell was educationally subormal and then I put up with him on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and now I am a convert. I think it's Russell Brand's gummy leer which induces most of the nausea in me.

  20. See, I was right, Romo.

    Many women have enjoyed having Russell's gummy leer bearing down on them.

    Doesn't bear thinking about, does it?