Friday, January 26, 2007

The New Harry Potter

You don't mind if we watch Big Brother?


We're recording Five Days.

So are we.

So slow, isn't it?

We've only seen the first three quarters of an hour. Seems alright. The brother of the actress who was in my play is in it.

The play "wot you wrote"...Eric.


Who does he play? This brother.

The young policeman.

Is there a young policeman?...Did his sister do anything after your play?

I suppose so. I thought I saw her in an advert. The actor who was going to but didn't play the main part in my play ended up in The Bill. He was a central character in The Bill. Another actor on the course was in Eastenders for a bit. I keep looking out for them. It's such a long time ago, I'm not sure I'd recognise them now.

You ought to write a book. You always were good with words. You could give up work, sit at home doing nothing all day. That's what you'd like to do, isn't it? You could create the new Harry Potter. Become a multimillionaire.

No, I couldn't.

Why not? She's done well for herself.

I can't write prose. Only dialogue. And I'm no good with stories.

You don't mind me turning the telly up?


  1. Geoff's Mum12:00 PM

    I'm really sad that Jo was voted out of Big Brother. I really liked S Club 7's music.

  2. Whereas I was more into S Club Juniors.

  3. Ooooeerrr geoff!
    I meant to watch five days and forgot. We watched to ITV crime thing with that godawful smurfit woman. Why did we do that? Those things are always shite. The new 24 is shite too.

  4. Better watch out J.K. that Geoff is on his way,

    Oh I’m not worried - he can only do dialogue

    That’s what he says, but he’s a modest man.

    So he should be

    And have you heard that ‘dialogue is the new narrative’?

    Er - pass me that biro.

  5. Realdoc - Five Days keeps you watching. It's not slow at all. I'm sure there are a lot of worms to come out of the woodwork on Tuesday & Thursday.

    Kaz - I'm probably best suited to sketches but when you do a writing course they want to produce serious playwrights who write and rewrite and rewrite till there's nothing left of the original idea and the humour's become hackneyed. I'd rather do something on the spur of the moment on here.