Sunday, April 22, 2007

Highlights Of The Bits In Between The Working During My Working Week

Ooh, Barbra Streisand. 65, eh?


She looks like Carol.


Our Carol.

Does she?

She's got Carol's mouth.

Does Carol look like Barbra Streisand?


Not really.


I am doing one of the quizzes I am OK at. Work out the band name from the clue.


Cinema Tunes = Roxy Music (OK, I didn't get this one)

Australian Coils Youth = Bruce Springsteen

Greenhouse Plants = Hothouse Flowers

Come on, you must have heard of the Hothouse Flowers!

I come to the following clue:-

Very Hairy Beasts.

Ah, Super Furry Animals, of course!

No, not of course. You see, that might have been the answer in the quiz's original form. But this quiz has seen too many contestants asking "Who the fuck are the Super Furry Animals?" Contestants who have heard of the Hothouse Flowers but haven't heard of the best UK band to come out of the 90s. Nannies and grandads.

So the answers have been changed, I am wrong and the answer is...

Very Hairy Beasts = The Monkees.



  1. Here's some more for you Geoff that I have made up myself - let's see how good you really are!:

    a. Gifted Offspring

    b. Very Colourful Animal Coats

    c. Halfway up Canary Wharf

    d. Speaks of Lion Shite

    e. Compress

    f. Dickless Whale

    g. Rearranged

    h. Not old, Not light

    i. William Boast

    j. Richard Head

    (The answer to the last one is either Chris de Burgh or Sting but you can insert one of your other favourites!)

  2. You Monkee, Murph. I didn't say I was that good.

    a. Destiny's Child?????
    b. Psychedelic Furs
    c. ???????
    d. Leo Sayer
    e. Squeeze
    f. Moby or Rik Waller
    g. New Order?????
    h. Brand New Heavies
    i. Billy Bragg
    j. Billy Bragg

    I'm better at doing this at work where the pressure's on.

  3. Dickless Whales?

  4. Respect!!!!

    You passed on 2....

    a. Prodigy

    c. Level 42

    Very good Geoff...I'm (easily) impressed!

  5. Billy - I'm glad there's only one Rik Waller.

    Murph - 84 floors in Canary Wharf?
    I thought the answer wasn't 13th Floor Elevators.