Monday, April 16, 2007

We've Been Reculverised

Yesterday was another unseasonally warm day. God bless Global Warming.

Here we are at the unfashionably unhip North Kent coast. We walked all the way from Reculver to the furthest east Herne Bay gets. Here's Betty, reading her copy of Shaggy Blog Stories (available at all good internet book selling sites called 'Lulu')...

And here's one of me, taken above the hips, reading my own copy. Don't I look a studious young fella?

Of course, what do you get below the hips?

The groyne!

We had to take extra care on the way to and from Herne Bay. The suicide statistics in North East Kent are similar to those of accidental death...

The part of the coastline we walked is called the 'Wantsum Walk'. It is so named because whenever you come across a group of hard kids, they ask you if you "wantsum, you fackin' cant?"

It was a lovely day, but visibility was not too good. So this picture of Reculver and the remains of its 14th century church is pretty shit. But it is a lovely spot on a sunny day and only an hour away by car!


  1. Very entertaining! If I was up on those cliffs you wouldn't find me tossing myself off! (Or making groyne references, come to that!)

  2. A woman carrying her baby did get perilously close to the edge. As did a woman with a pair of dogs. We kept to the track like a pair of wusses and got run over by the cyclists.

  3. It's a good job you took your noses out of the book once on the path above. A Shaggy Blog Story with a cliffhanger ending would make a dramatic shot though.

  4. We could have had a picture of me diving off the cliff, book in hand, with Betty walking below the falling boulder, book in hand.

  5. You're Too shy shy
    Hush hush, eye to eye

    HA! That sign is hilarious. The only thing missing is the universal term for falling off a cliff "OH F*********k!

    The dialect of the local 'hard kids' sounds 'um'possible to understand. One would expect to find underclad Ladies de la Nuit on Wantsum Walk?

    Aren't there any sand beaches in that part of the world?

  6. That sign looks like a scene from Nosferatu...shudders..I'd have turned round immediately and gone straight home.

  7. What a couple o' Kents.

  8. HE - Unfortunately "wantsum?" is more likely to be a threat than a treat around here. There are sandy beaches but they're full of people and they don't have any decent walks nearby.

    Kaz - It's not like the way it's portrayed, honest. There were rather a lot of those signs, though.

    MJ - A couple of good looking Kents, though.

  9. I quite like Herne Bay. Mind you, I've only been there once.

  10. Reculver's more country.

    Herne Bay's too rock 'n' roll for us.

  11. I was clowning around on top of Howth Head once, to wind up Molly, until we came across a big pile of bouquets, obviously there as a memorial for some poor soul who had gone over at that point - it made me stop pretending to fall off for at least two minutes.

  12. I remember driving past Reculver not too long ago, but I couldn't stop for sight-seeing as I was being chased by Sheppey folk. I think I must've lost them at Margate.

    Love them photopics.

  13. Anthony - I bet you wouldn't have clowned around if there'd been one of those signs nearby. Every clifftop should have at least seven.

    Istvanski - I wouldn't want to be chased to Reculver - the roads are mightily winding. That site shows you can take the boy out of Sheppey but you can't take Sheppey out of the boy. You can't beat Sheerness on a cold, rainy day.

  14. (Christ, I've only just realised, I need to lose at least a stone in weight and I look as if I'm balding in that picture)

    (Goes off to kill self)

  15. No bikini shots?

    such a lovely day too...

  16. We left our bikinis at home.