Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've Been Ill But You Don't Care, You've Just Ignored Me: Yes, Me!

Me: ill

He tried to be witty,
They thought he was shitty,
They all left his blog in a drove.

They said, "Call that humour?
I've seen funnier tumours,
You're less funny than Michael Gove.

The nun and the monk joke,
The fictional speech bloke,
Were too much for your readers to bear.

We're off to a good site,
We can't take any more shite.
Delete yourself, see if we care.

You peaked with Geoff's Dreams, son,
Yeah, those days were real fun,
When blogging was all fresh and new.

You had it all mapped out?
Geoff, you're just clapped out!
You've bitten off too much to chew.

Why not try myspace?
Though a picture of your face,
I doubt would go down a treat.

While all your old blogchums,
Their dads and their mums,
Laugh at you at a blogmeet."


  1. Me and Oz liked your Nun and Monk Joke Geoff.

    No offence.

    (you can now say "Nun Taken" in your answering comment and double the comment number. )

  2. Are you feeling neglected, Geoff? Aww. Virtual hug.

  3. I care Geoff...I'm just not very good at showing it.

  4. Didn't you receive that bunch of grapes I had sent round?

  5. Murph - Nun taken.

    Violet - Thank you. I'm really just an old luvvie, aren't I?

    Dick - Thank you. It's our British reserve, don't you know?

    MJ - Yes, thank you. The seeds are scattered all over the floor where I spat them out.

  6. But Geoff, yours is the only blog where I get to go "Boom! Boom!" after a particularly good poem post.
    It's unique you know.

  7. Please don't flounce off Geoff. I hope it wasn't something I didn't do.

  8. Thank you, Arabella. I hope you do the "Boom! Boom!" in Basil Brush style. Not that he has any style. He is still alive, isn't he?

    Bugger me, he is. Hasn't he changed?

  9. I'm an blogger, Billy! A blogger! A blogger doesn't flounce off! Not any blogger worth his salt, anyway. A blogger stays and fights his corner! When comments are down, he drags his broken, beaten body off the floor, cracks open a bottle of Merlot and types for all he's worth! We don't need the roar of the greasepaint or the smell of the crowd. We do it hunched over a keyboard with no immediate response to our art. We are the brave ones, the ones that dare to go into the dark without an adoring crowd to pull us out of our despair or into our joy.

  10. Comment-wise I'm averaging as much as Swipester nowadays, but that's usual as mine has become a long running joke.
    I can only manage to blog about three subjects.

    Which is at least two more than GWAOTM, and she gets on average, say 60+ for each post.

    Perhaps you should try and write about the thought of having nookie in the Dr Martens stand - that might get a lot of the horny Hammers fans in to comment (OK, perhaps that's a shit idea - try writing fiction instead, something along the lines of how the ICF turns into a mob that gives daffodils to Cardiff fans as a peace loving gesture. It could be released for the start of next season).

    Wether it's MySpace or here you end up/stay, I'll still be reading.

  11. PS, I'm not in any way, shape or form suggesting that Bob's blog is bad like mine (his is good really).

    It's just an observation that sometimes you strike lucky on the hit/comment count, other times it's not so. Life's funny like that.

  12. The West Ham nookie book could be called "Going Down?"

    The question mark's hanging on by a thread.

    One comment's actually enough for me. As long as someone's reading and thinks of something witty to say, I'm happy. I wouldn't want to have to reply to 60 comments or go into my email and find out I have 25 messages waiting. Especially if they all say, "You go, girl!"

  13. Boleyn Deal or No Deal; Two points off or £5 million.

    £5 million?!?!

  14. And Tevez has to play in goal for the rest of the season. Do you think they've got it in for us?

  15. Just a bit.
    It can only get worse.
    See you at Selhurst Park next season.

  16. Great poem!
    Very impressive