Thursday, August 16, 2007

ELVIS: A Tribute

Thirty years ago today
Elvis Presley passed away
But I feel nothing inside
For Elvis liked his squirrels fried

He never stood on British soil
Though his British fans were loyal
They cried from Land's End to The Wirral
When Elvis choked on Secret Squirrel


  1. I've been feeling caught in a trap today.

  2. My "hunka hunka burnin' love" is working away this week, else I'd be down The Continental Club for the Elvis death party tonight.

  3. Billy - I love you too much, baby.

    Arabella - Party like it's 1977!

  4. Oooh, ooh, please sir...

    I seem to recall that, on his way back from Germany, Elvis's plane had to stop for refuelling at Aberdeen, and he got off to stretch his legs.

    But I may have got that wrong.

  5. So we didn't cry in Manchester.

    Well it doesn't rhyme very well with squrrel does it?

  6. Tim - He may have stretched his legs but he didn't gyrate his hips.

    Or did he?

    Kaz - I can't think of anything edible that rhymes with Manchester.

  7. You are Kent's answer to Roger McGough.

  8. More like Roger McCough these last few weeks.