Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Those Answers In Full

The answers to Saurday's quiz in full:-

1. Jack Knit Shh = Jack Nitzsche
2. Stock Kate King Water Mann = Stock Aitken Waterman
3. Marr Tin Hairnet = Martin Hannett
4. Tree Fir Horn = Trevor Horn
5. Doctored Ray = Dr Dre
6. Fill Spectre = Phil Spector
7. Marr Tin Rush Ant = Martin Rushent
8. Timber Land = Timbaland
9. Huge Jones = Hugh Jones
10. Jar Joe More Odour = Giorgio Moroder
11. Brine Knee No = Brian Eno
12. Toe Knee Viz Con Tea = Tony Visconti

I bet you're all kicking yourselves. Well, actually I bet you're all willing me to get a bloody move on and post something more interesting. I will as soon as I'm over the man flu and back to normality. Bear with me for now.


  1. but ........ how about a nice picture of John Cusack, while we're waiting?

  2. That's the problem with being offline at the weekend, I miss the quiz fun. Can you do a midweek version to keep me amused during a lunchtime?

  3. Beth - What about a nice picture of Phil Spector instead?

    Llewtrah - I don't think I'll be doing another one for a while. I think people would rather be doing a nice sudoku.

  4. I enjoyed it Geoff! You can't help it if 3/4 of the population are abroad and the other 1/4 are sitting on My Facebook or Second Life! This quiz will live on in Cyberspace long after you've keeled over with Manflu.

  5. Thanks, Murph. I'll settle for legendary status after my demise.

  6. Sorry to hear you've been suffering with man flu. From what I hear, it's as bad as male fridge-blindness.

  7. Time for a haircut, Geoff.

  8. Arabella - The only trouble I have with the fridge is working out how to fit everything in. Betty's so much better at doing that.

    MJ - Maybe topiary would be more in order.

  9. I was crap at the quiz but hey - get well soon Geoff.

  10. Thanks, Istvanski. I think I'm over the worst.

    *cough cough cough*

  11. Appreciate the effort Geoff, but no. In no circumstances within my (addmittedly limited) imagination will Phil Spector 'do instead' of John Cusack.

  12. Any others of the Hair Bear Bunch?