Friday, August 31, 2007

Have A Good Weekend, See You On Monday

So Betty's moved to Wordpress for a while. But I'm not joining her. We can have our own space like Woody Allen and Mia Farrow used to. I can still access Blogger from work in my lunch hours. Besides, we're away for two weeks from a week tomorrow so our five week wait for Orange to disconnect will just fly by.

Thank you all for your advice re. Macs. I'm off to buy one at the weekend and should be connecting it to the internet in early October. I've bought a dummies book, not because I'm a dummy, but because I want to know how to turn the damn thing on and off and to gen up on any hints and tips that will make my Mac experience a more rewarding and enjoyable one. If you're reading, Bill Gates, it's alright, we've still got PCs at work.


I'm always the first one on the train in the mornings. I sit at the back of the train in the window seat of a two-seater. There's just me in my part of the carriage as we pull into the second station. Recently, a man has begun to get on and sit next to me. He has a choice of hundreds of seats and he decides to sit next to me evey morning. He chews gum noisily, with his mouth open, and plays with his mobile phone. He has long, shiny shoes.

Today I got on the other side of the carriage. For a change, he wasn't first on the train at the next stop. A woman sat in my old seat. He sat next to her!

So it's not me he likes after all. It's that damn seat.


  1. I sense disappointment in your voice that Shiny Shoe Man isn't really interested in your after all.

  2. As my granny always said *There's nowt so queer as folk*.
    Why would he a) invade someone's personal space, b) not get his own window and c) wear long shiny shoes?

  3. Because he chews with his mouth open, Kaz.

  4. MJ - This is not an erotica blog!

    Kaz - I thought he might be superstitious about this particular seat. Then after a few stops his mate got on and they moved to be next to each other. he's never done that when he's sat next to me. He wears long shiny shoes because he is very stylish in his own eyes.

    Arabella - And he makes an awful noise doing it.

  5. That man might well be a US Senator travelling incognito. Could be some money in this.

  6. That is insane! any fule kno the rule is to sit as far away from everyone else as you possibly can. Unless you know them, then you have to pretend you haven't seen them and sit with your back to them, so you can't accidentally make eye contact. And I *am* an expert in this, so I know what I'm talking about.

  7. As Ben Elton said, before he started rimming Satan for pennies, "Double seat, double seat, gotta have a double seat"

    Incidentally, Geoff, very brave to compare yourself and Betty with Woody and Mia. Are there any more profoundly dysfunctional relationships that you aspire to emulate?

  8. What you should have done is sat in his seat and saw what happened then.

  9. Dick - No, he's definitely English. Too mod for America.

    Beth - I ignore work colleagues if they're on the same carriage. I'm so anti-social.

    Tim - We model ourselves on Ade & Jennifer. Are they dysfunctional?

    Billy - He didn't appear today. I think he's too upset that I upset the status quo.