Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wonder Milky Bitch*

So I'm not enamoured with alternative medicine. One thing they all advised me though was to give up the dairy products, something I've never heard from a conventional doctor.

Having spent the last month and a half with chronic catarrh and a nasty cough, I've decided now is the time to not give up, but to cut down drastically. I know from experience that dairy causes catarrh in me so I'm trusting my experience rather than my GP this time.

Cutting out cheese is no problem. But milk's a different kettle of fish.

Soya milk on my breakfast cereal gives me bad guts. And it's crap in coffee, though better than cow's milk in tea.

Rice milk tastes absolutely foul in coffee and tea. But gorgeous on its own or on cereal.

So my proposal is this...

Rice milk with my breakfast cereal.

Cow's milk with my morning cup of coffee.

And soya milk in my four cups of tea throughout the day.

Wish me luck. And anybody who says "Have you tried goat's milk?" is no friend of mine!

* £1.50 in luncheon vouchers to anybody who can tell me who did this song.


  1. Sheep's Milk?


  2. There are other mammals you could try. Squirrels, for example, if you can catch one.

  3. Murph's right, unless he's suggesting something else you might be allergic to.

    Consider yourself lucky. Nobody's suggested I give up dairy. It's the tea and coffee I'm not allowed.

  4. Black tea is the answer.

    And also "cutting out cheese is no problem"???? Are you weird or something??

  5. Espresso .... 5 a day.
    It'll make you sing like Robbie Williams.
    That *Pure* soya spread is good - but not in your tea!

  6. Billy - Baa Baa Bad Billy.

    Murph - You really want those LVs don't you? Imagine how much BCS you can buy for £2.50.

    Bob - I wonder if Elvis ever milked a squirrel before he cooked it. Full of nutty goodness.

    Tim - I couldn't have dairy or caffeine until they upped my medication. I'm just so sensitive.

    Beth - Black tea is too bitter. Cheese is the work of the Devil.

    Kaz - Trouble is I haven't got Robbie's cheeky chappiness. I'll stick to Jack Daniels and sounding like Stuart Staples.

  7. Of course I meant £1.50.

  8. You are SO high maintenance.

  9. I'm impossible to live with.

    This could be my last post on Blogger as they've blocked our home IP address. Nice, eh?

  10. And no more Betty unless they get their act together.

  11. Ah, that answers my question over at Betty's.
    Wish I could wave a magic wand.
    Perhaps we need, in true TUC style to band together and all post the same announcement in solidarity:
    What Do We Want?
    Geoff and Betty
    When Do We Want Them ?

    Who's with me?

  12. why bother with milk at all on the cereal? try fruit compote, or stewed apples.

  13. I used to drink sheep or goat milk when cow milk caused me problems.