Sunday, August 12, 2007

Is It My Imajinaysheyonnn?

I know it's commonly believed that Oasis were a remarkably original band, a breath of rocking fresh air for 1994. But here's Ride from that same year proving that their fey, middle class Oxford heads were in a remarkably similar place to those working class bonces from Burnage. Except with a more interesting guitar sound.

This is a cover of a song by sixties psychedelic band, The Creation. Both Ride and Oasis were on Creation Records. Andy Bell, one of Ride's two exciting guitar wizards, is now mainly the plodding bass player in Oasis' middle aged dadrock rhythm section.

Ride had their time in the late eighties to mid nineties shoegazing era. Oasis should have had theirs in the mid to late nineties Britpop Shitpop era. However, the Britpop Shitpop era never ended and it seems as if Oasis will Live Forever.

The Andy Bell mentioned above is not to be confused with the Andy Bell of Yazoo replacements, Erasure. Yazoo were called Yaz for the American market and are not to be confused with Yazz of The Only Way Is Up fame. Neither Erasure, Yazoo or Yazz were on Creation Records.


  1. You call that music? Young people today... etc.

  2. It's not bad but it's not Ride at their shoegazing peak. It's the moment when they mutated into Oasis and changed the future of pop music, the moment indie started to become mainstream. It's a historical document, the Creation of a scene.

  3. Wasn't Creation Records name after the Creation. I was never much of a Ride fan. God knows what I was listening to then.

  4. (sulks)
    I don't follow most of this clever stuff - but I love Oasis.

    They were certainly the only half decent thing to come out of Burnage - apart from the road to Fallowfield.

  5. Billy - I think I bought the album this was on at the time. More recently we've got a couple of the earlier albums and a Slowdive retrospective. Creation Records were named after The Creation. It's all one big conspiracy.

    Kaz - I hated Oasis in the beginning because I was quite snobby about my music, then the more I heard them the more they ground me down. They made some classic singles at the time. The Ride song might be in the spirit of Oasis but they didn't have Liam's star quality.

  6. Ah, but what was The Creation named after?

    God's awesome abilities perhaps?

    Sorry, I've just witnessed a church service in Croydon High Street. I've been brainwashed.

  7. First there was The Creation.

    Then came Genesis!

    Quick! Someone save Istvanski!

  8. I think I saw Ride on the Isle of White.
    Where does the Plastic Population fit in?

  9. Jellyshoegazing?

    The Plastic Population have been written out of history. Yazz takes the credit for everything.

  10. I saw Ride along with The Charlatans at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool in ....the early 90's...they were ace. I think, if I remember correctly that I was moved to describe them as 'better than sex' must've been the sprung floor effect...

  11. I should imagine watching Ride would be more satisfactory than shagging them.