Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hansi, Knees and Booompsadaisies

I'm too old to fight. Even James can't get my macho pumping arms into action.

If Blogger want to get rid of us we'll move over to Wordpress. They've got a couple of days. Then I'm outta here.


  1. OOh Don't be hasty Geoff - Wordpress is a bit like a foreign country. It would be like emigrating.

    Why did I have to suffer that video? If there was something good at the end - I didn't get there.

  2. Pity he never lived up to his name.

    Like Andy Fairwearther-Low
    Or Vic Feather
    Tiny Rowland
    James Blunt

    *Save the Plumpstead Two*
    T-Shirts are now available. They are Orange with the neck hole sewn up so you can't access them properly and a right pair of armholes.

  3. Kaz - I'm not sure that it's Blogger's fault but at least we can post from Wordpress and, like Australia, those who go there never want to come back. How can you not like James Last? He's a damn sight funnier than Steve Coogan.

    Murph - Orange promise me it's nothing to do with them. Blogger promise me it's nothing to do with them. It's a win win situation!

  4. We want Geoff and Betty!

    Rinse and repeat.