Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Enemies Of Reason

I don't believe in any thing
Hymns you will not hear me sing
The New Age is for silly sods
For Richard Dawkins is my god

dedicated to Neil Spencer, ex NME editor, now Observer astrologer


  1. I'd like to see Richard Dawkins stop pissing off the religious and new agers(although they deserve it)and start solving crimes. Possibly with the help of someone who looks like Bagpuss.

  2. Richard fucking Dawkins? I don't believe in him, and neither does God.

  3. Is your mate Neil Spencer havin' a laff?
    All the way to the bank.

  4. Billy - For a man of his intellect, solving crimes should be a piece of piss. It was the Reverend Green with the candlestick holder.

    Vicus - If the clergy can spend their lives preaching to the converted it's only fair that professional atheist Richard can, too.

    Kaz - I think Neil believes all that astrology shit. Ian Penman and Paul Morley sent him mad.

  5. Aaah yes, I read that article too :) It's a pity Dawkins' books are so poorly written. He really labours the point and he could do with the services of a good editor to cut the waffle and tighten the prose.

  6. "Scorpio stands for scheming, vengeance, sex, war and death!".

    The bloke is a complete nutter, typical of Aquarians.

  7. There was another NME editor (Andrew Tyler) who became a harcore animal rights activist. But, be fair, at least they're doing interesting things, however wrong-headed. I wonder what Conor McNicholas, the current incumbent, might do next. Become an accountant?

  8. Llewtrah - Trouble is, you cut him down to two hours of tv and he doesn't go into things deeply enough. He'd be better off doing a half hour of the "Larry David Stare" into the eyes of the believers.

    Murph - Apparently "The sense of space, the ‘big picture’, informs the work of many Sagittarian artists." It's time for me to get a plasma screen.

    Tim - Yes, they were personailties then. I'd swap jobs with Conor McNicholas (I presume he gets his A Level results today) but I couldn't put up with all that so called "indie" dross.