Sunday, January 18, 2009

All The Nice Girls Love A Scouser

"If you are a nice girl you like the Beatles and if you're a naughty girl you like the Stones."

Eve Pollard, talking in the present tense about the sixties on BBC4's Style On Trial.

What a load of bollocks! What the fuck have a woman's sexual habits got to do with either the kind of music she likes or the type of man she fancies?

And surely it would have been the case that most young people at the time would have liked both the Beatles and the Stones.

Of course the Beatles were better, but that goes without saying.


  1. A slightly more correct version would have been

    "If you like to think that you are are a nice girl you make a thing about liking the Beatles and if you like to think you are a naughty girl you'll make a thing about liking the Stones."

  2. Could it be because The Beatles sang “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” but the Stones sang “Let’s Spend the Night Together”?

    And moving further into Stones bad boy territory, how about the lyric “You make a dead man come”?

    Not exactly your Pat Boone or Perry Como fare.

    *tries to think of UK comparison to Boone or Como*

    Val Doonican?

  3. OK, Eve Pollard, voice of a generation, what sort of girls were into Freddie and the Dreamers?

    Apart from five-year-olds, of course.

    And yes, the Beatles were better.

  4. Thanks a lot, Tim.

    Now I have an uncontrollable urge to Do the Freddie.

  5. For every Miley Montana (or whatever she calls herself these days) you need an Amy Crackhouse.

    It's the way of the world.

  6. I liked Tommy Steele and his Little White Bull...

  7. The Beatles came first and changed my life for ever. Then they did go a bit 'the sort of thing your mum would like'.
    So I switched - after all Mick sings a mean blues.
    But the originality and talent of the Beatles triumphed over time.

  8. Billy - Yes, I bet Eve Pollard likes to think she is a naughty girl. Still.

    MJ - I'm sure just as many naughty thoughts have been thought about the Beatles as the Stones. And what about the fish and finger pies in Penny Lane?

    Tim - I'm sure Freddie had his fair share of ardent admirers. They could imagine him laughing them into bed.

    MJ - You'll do yourself an injury!

    Donn - And you can hate both.

    Scarlet - Does that make you naughty, nice, or very very individual?

    Kaz - The Stones, The Kinks and The Who were great singles bands. The Beatles were a great albums band.