Friday, January 09, 2009

The Worst Film Director In The World... far, is Phil fucking Good. I wince when I hear there's a new Phil Good movie out.

Apparently a Phil Good movie is up for an Oscar this year. Not again!

Phil fucking Good! How old is this bastard? He seems to have been around forever!


  1. I've never heard of him. Did I miss anything?

  2. I think I'll wait for this to be released on pirate dvd and then I'll borrow it to slag it off at a later date.

  3. You must have loved Mama-Mia, Geoff...

  4. Phil Good doesn't Feel Good.

  5. You're giving hime the Oxygen of publicity Geoff. You made the same mistake with Wife in the Norf.

  6. Beth - He's made some shit films but he did co-write a James Brown song with Phil Nice.

    Istvanski - But it's Oscar material!

    Scarlet - Mama-Mia, let me go! Bjorn and Benny have gone soft in their old age. Whatever happened to those young, Bergman-loving, existential Swedes?

    MJ - Feels bad to me, too.

    Murph - This time next year the film of Wife's forthcoming novel will be up for an Oscar: The Forsythe's Aga. (recycled joke from Quinquireme's comments box).

  7. s.b. The Forsythes' Aga of course.

    Serves me right for telling it twice.

  8. I googled him and just found 'Philip the Good' famous in the 15th century for administrative reforms.
    I also got an Arsenal report mentioning the 'Phil-good factor' but mj used that one.

  9. I'm glad I'm in the same punning league as Chris Kamara.