Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Always This Time Of Year

He once told me that if I ever have to stay in hospital I should ask for kosher food. It's fresh, hot and delicious, unlike the usual NHS slop.

He wasn't Jewish. He had the cheek of the devil.

After a long spell in hospital, last week he breathed his last. I can imagine the rabbi visiting him as he slipped away.

Next week it's his funeral. In Golders Green.


  1. I hope it wasn't food poisoning....

  2. Can you die of guilt after eating a bacon sarnie?
    RIP, whoever you may be.

  3. Murph - I believe the food is from a very reputable source. The latkes are delicious!

    Istvanski - He always had a bacon sandwich with his morning cup of tea at work.

  4. You should always eat kosher, whatever. Don't fuck around with all this political correctness jizm. Kneidlach is a cure-all. Just ask people who know. Like me.

  5. Listen to Mrs P Geoff, she knows a thing or two about most things. And the more you whip your Kneidlach the fluffier you'll be.

  6. This is a poem.

  7. Mrs P - Welcome. Though I don't believe dumplings can be that good for you.

    Scarlet - I'm sure my Kneidlach would be lacking something important.

    Kaz - But it doesn't rhyme!

  8. I am sorry for your trouble(as we Hassidic Irish say)

  9. I figured you were referring to Garfer but I see he's returned.

  10. Laura - It's sad at work at the moment.

    MJ - He had a good innings and I'm sure Garfer will too.

  11. Have you ever noticed how jammed the obits are at this time of year?

    I am always amazed at how many people give up the ghost around the holidays.

    Not I. Some hot summer night in the Old Folks Home I'll over-fluff my Kneidlach one last time and exit quickly and quietly under the gentle plume of spontaneous human combustion.


  12. Hot summer nights make me think of Bob Seger for some reason.