Saturday, January 31, 2009

The 2009 Bloggies

The Bloggies are blogging's equivalent of The Oscars. Awards for blogs are about as ridiculous as you can get. They're rewarding failure. Writers and directors of Oscar nominated films are rich. They've made it big. Their awards are recognising their success. Same with music awards. The artists have sold their music by the truckload.

Bloggers aren't successful. And don't kid yourself that just because you've got a book deal you're a success. Think to yourself how many books fail, wasting paper. You're a failure as a writer if your writing doesn't make you rich. For every blogger there is always somebody better than you writing for free a few links away.

Even though I think it's a shitty idea I've still got a few questions to ask the Bloggies team.

1. Why is it that there are awards for Best Canadian Weblog and Best Australian/NZ Weblog when you've dropped the best American Weblog category? What the fuck have the Americans done to you? They've just elected a black man as President for God's sake! And you reward them by withdrawing their award? Shame on you!

2. Why are there two non-English language blogs on the shortlist? Don't you fuckers know blogs don't do subtitles? Who do you think is voting? We all speak English, knuckleheads!

3. Why has the Best GLBT Weblog category been replaced by Best Microblog? Why on earth are people who don't have much to say more important than a wonderfully creative minority? If you want to microblog, go Twitter yourself!

4. Why are there an Icelandic and a French nominee in the Best European Weblog Award? English is not their first language! A European blogger living outside the British Isles has to be an American or British ex-pat. You know the fucking rules!

5. If you're going to have a Best Teen Weblog then you've got to have a Best Oldie Weblog. Blogging is dominated by twenty somethings up to sixty somethings. Let's have some great grandmothers for a change! They've got a whole lifetime of knowledge to impart.**

Anyway, best of luck to all the nominees. I won't be voting because none of my mates are on there. They never have been. And they never will be. And in the true spirit of blogging I will only ever vote for my mates. So I will never vote. So ner!

** My favourite is I've Still Got Me Marbles, You Know written by Maud Langley, an 89 year old from Chorley.


  1. Thanks for explaining what a microblog is, I've got one without realising it.
    Has "Bint oop norf" been nominated?

  2. Maud Langley - Kaz will be very cross you've "outed" her.

    *get's coat quickly*

  3. Istvanski - Tragically, she hasn't. Maybe if she had moved to Tuscany...

    Rog - That is an outrageous comment! Kaz is not from Chorley!

  4. Or is she?

    Oh shit, sorry Kaz.

  5. The Bloggies' website is giving me motion sickness.

    wv: appropriate for me.

  6. She is - and proud of it.
    I presume Maude is a figment of your imagination as there isn't a link. Or she could be my mum's friend.
    Oh - and if you don't learn a bit of anger anagement soon I fear for your marbles.

  7. MJ - It's not very user friendly, is it? Like one of my spreadsheets.

    Kaz - I think I have already lost my marbles. Maud and Chorley were random names from my failed memory. I was trying to be ironic in this post - I think I tried too hard. I'm not really angry, more bemused. I just find the whole idea of awards for what I see as just an enjoyable pastime incredibly ridiculous. I want to keep doing this until I lose the ability to read and type. I hope all my blogging friends feel the same.

  8. I agree. We do it for fun, don't we? It's its own reward. And the web is kind of lawless - it's trying to impose a consensus on it which just isn't there...

  9. There are even awards for best Twitter content, The Shorty Awards.


  10. Nominating you now, Geoff..

  11. Nah, I want an award. I need recognition. I need attention. Are you listening to me? You aren't? Why not? Oy. Excuse me. Someone? Anyone?

  12. Boz - Exactly what I was angling for. Thank you.

    GSE - That's the spirit!

  13. That told them! Quite right too Geoff.

  14. Maybe they'll do an exhaustive vanity search.

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