Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Short People Got No Reason To Live

What Mick Hucknall sees in the mirror, reported in Saturday's Guardian Weekend...

"I keep reading that I'm diminutive - why do people call me that?"

"I'm 5ft 11in with size 11 feet. I'd actually like smaller feet. It might be a fetish, but I do like graceful feet, and small ones lend themselves to grace."

Maybe, Mick. But we all know what big feet on a man lend themselves to, don't we? Would you really have been such a big hit with the ladies with little baby feet on the end of your long, muscular legs?


  1. Is that John Drake, the late Patrick McGoohan's Danger Man?

    Somebody's been "Holding back the Ears".

  2. Wasn't Danny Kaye ginger?

  3. What's wrong with being ginger?

  4. Bet he's got ginger toenails.

  5. Eeek!

    Ginger pubes.

  6. Hucknall's main chat-up line used to "Hallo my Darlings!"

  7. I think I might be sick. He's got a foot fetish?

  8. I must object very strongly to the above gingerist remarks.

  9. I hate everything about Mick Hucknall, even that bloody cartoon version of him in the Virgin TV ad.

  10. Of all the things people call Mick Hucknall I'd've thought 'diminutive' would be the least of his worries...or is he accepting that all those other things are accurate?

  11. Murph - You know full well that's his little brother, Nick.

    Billy - He was. And like Mick, a song and dance man.

    Scarlet - Nothing!

    Tim - Is that a medical condition? I've heard of ginger vitis.

    MJ - Mick used to have his hair in dreads. His missus wants him to grow it long like he had it in the 90s. Decisions, decisions!

    Murph - Yes, he always hedged his bets.

    Boz - In an ideal world he would make love to his own tiny foot.

    Kaz - I agree. I've nothing against him being ginger. But everything against his personality and music being forced on me.

    Rol - Out of the now famous people in the audience in the Manchetser Free Trade Hall at the Pistols gig he has become the richest, the most obnoxious and the most bland.

    Beth - Like Sting, he must know he's a twat. He's not stupid.

  12. Big feet small feet. I'm not going to criticise Mick H. He's had more women than I have by approximately 5000% - so that must mean he's getting something right. Of course I'm not saying that that is the way to calculate success in life - don't get me wrong, blah blah blah....

  13. Mick's an old fashioned gentleman. That's the way to get the women, Tom. Treat 'em like duchesses.