Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Feel Pretty

Look at me! Don't I look good and fresh and all lovely and brown and cream? And look my hyperlink (coming up). It's underlined so you know it's a hyperlink and not a grey smudge.

I feel better and happier despite the blogmeet, after which I needed seven stitches resulting from an argument over the merits of Eastenders and Coronation Street. The thug from Welling caught me with her sovereign ring just above the eyelid after I'd called Grant Mitchell a big mummy's boy. I haven't even watched Eastenders for twenty years so I was only going by what I remember.

But as you can see, I've had the Blogger painters in. And doesn't it look smart? They did it for me free of charge after cocking up the template on my dream blog. And I much prefer the dream blog now: it's all olde worlde and even looks a lovely cream on my monitor at work where once it looked a horrible green.

And now I've got rid of that 'Geoff's Telly Blog' title, I can write about anything I like. So expect some politics, some literary criticism, family matters, men's health and fashions, and Geoff's shoes.

Especially Geoff's shoes.


  1. Love the new title! My blog was called Contains Mild Peril until the tube bombings, after which it seemed a particularly inappropriate title. I think I got the phrase from that cartoon fish film.

  2. I knew I should have googled it first. There's another one out there, too (last entry August 2005). I got it from the penguin film.

    Since I'm too shy to email...I enjoy your blog, Telepathy.

  3. I'm thinking you're a restless chap, aren't you, Geoff?

  4. I think I need my medication changed, Wyndham.