Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Root of All Evil?

Dear Mr Dawkins

I know I'm not as clever as you. But I'd like to think I've got what us thickoes call "common sense". So, about your programme last night...

Put yourself in their shoes, Richard. How would you feel if a religious nutter came round to your house, asking you impertinent questions about your beliefs? Wouldn't you tell them to sling their hook? I know I would. So why be surprised when you visit these crazy fundamentalists, saying things like "Your meeting reminded me of the Nuremberg Rally", and they give you short shrift?

You are on their territory. There's them and there's us. Don't tell me we can all live together in perfect harmony. We live seperate lives. Talking about religion is only going to raise our blood pressures.

And how can you say that you honestly believed that by the 21st century we would have won the argument. There is no argument. You have faith or you don't. You believe that God created humans. Or you believe that humans created God.

Christ almighty, surely you can see it's that simple.

And don't call my children animals. They're angels, right?


  1. Dear Geoff
    I may be cleverer than you are (note the way that I constructed that sentence), but I doubt it.
    I do know, however, that watching people who take up a radical position in a television programme, particularly those who take up positions with which one is not entirely sympathetic, may lead to an increase in blood pressure.
    Try sticking to those programmes that share your view of the world. Or something with Noel Edmonds in it. Innit?

    vadki - what inhabitants of the Bible Belt think that commies drink.

  2. Thanks, Vicus. As I've always had low blood pressure and cold hands I sometimes think the two go together and try to increase my blood pressure by watching things that make my blood boil. But this past week I've also been partaking of a salt water mouthwash (saltwater mouth wash?) which I think has increased my blood pressure as my hands have felt warmer. Today I stopped the mouth wash and I've got cold hands.

    maimoko - mothers' milk from the bible belt.

  3. The thought of Noel Edmonds is raising my blood pressure even as I write.

  4. What is it with Noel Edmonds and you people?

  5. I didn't start it this time.