Thursday, January 05, 2006

What's Wrong With Noel Edmonds?

What're you doing?

Watching Sweeney. Recorded it last night. He's a brilliant actor.

Dennis Waterman?

Ray Winstone.

Oh. Sweeney Todd!

Yeah. He's brilliant.

Is he?

I thought you liked him? He supports West Ham.

So does Noel Edmonds.

What's wrong with Noel Edmonds?

(What's wrong with Noel Edmonds?)


  1. I once asked Noel Edmonds why he didn't pump his millions into West Ham. He looked at me as if I was a blithering idiot. Which I thought was a bit rich.

  2. Bet you wouldn't have asked Lennox Lewis the same thing...

    Of all the famous people you've met, Susan Sarandon still comes out on top for me, Wyndham.

  3. What, above Noel Edmonds?

  4. Which Louis Malle film was Noel Edmonds in?

  5. Damage? Damaged? Whatever it's called? The one written by the bird who was married to Salman. The one where Jeremy Irons collects crisp packets at the end.

    Do tell.

  6. Lift to the Scaffold - he bungee jumps off the Eiffel Tower.

  7. q: what's wrong with noel edmonds?

    a: everything.

  8. If he was a saint we could bury st edmonds.