Thursday, January 12, 2006

ipod rubbish

1. Why 'ipod'? It's like 'hoover', a brand name. If you've got a pc, get yourself a Creative Zen or similar. Just copy and paste your files across. Easy, plus you've got a backup for your music files. That's what I was told, anyway. And I'm not one to argue with a computer kid.

2. When copying and pasting music files from your pc, look out for the first track on an album. If it's called 'intro', change its name to 'intro - anniemal' or 'intro - devin dazzle'. There's only room for one '1. intro' on your device.

3. Don't listen to the twats who write about the ipod as if its revolutionised the way they listen to music:-
"I could be listening to a Coldplay track followed by a Beethoven track followed by a Bob Marley track on the bus! And I've no idea what's coming next!"
Oh, jolly good for you! You really have got catholic taste, haven't you? Stars on fucking 45.

4. Don't listen to the twats at Leicester University who say that the 'ipod generation' (no such thing) don't get emotionally involved with music any more but just use it as a soundtrack to their lives. Condescending shite. My Zen's enabled me to listen to music more personally and more emotionally than I have done in years. When I've got my Engelbert Humperdinck Grado headphones on, sitting in the bath, I'm right there with the music. No distractions. Don't tell me how to feel or where to feel it.



  1. I don't have an ipod due to technophobia (and extreme penury).

    When I want that 'I've no idea what's coming next' experience, I listen to the radio.

  2. I only really hear Heart FM (at work). I always know what's coming next - same old crap.