Thursday, May 25, 2006

Big Arseholes

All I have gleaned from listening to reports of the latest Big Brother are:-

1. For a dumbfuck laugh, there is a young man who has Tourette's Syndrome in the house. He spent the first evening shouting "Wanker!" to all and sundry.

2. Last night this same young man got his knob out. Apparently a contract to appear in a porn film is waiting for him to sign when he gets evicted.

From this, the Sherlock Holmes in me deduces that the porn film will be sado-masochistic, for those men who enjoy being verbally abused for their own physical self-abuse.

Elementary, my dear wanker.


  1. Big Arseholes indeed.
    This year they have really pulled out all the stops in getting a bunch of the most boring, nasty,narcissistic, annoying, irritating twitty twats in Britain.

  2. Haven't seen it and have absolutely no intention of seeing it. I really can't get the rationale behind it. This year I have heard they are hoping that a couple get down and dirty. Big deal. I'm 15 seconds away from watching that any time I want on the internet so where's the novelty? Brain dead TV.

  3. I missed the knob. I saw tits, briefly. Have a word with Betty and tell her to get back here before we all get sucked into this Big Brother thing. Only the World Cup can save us.

  4. Hello people. I'm back. Bloody power cuts.

    I'll have a word with Betty, Mark. There's no way I'm getting sucked into anything like BB.

  5. I've not seen it.... yet! I usually get dragged in by my 17 year old once things get closer to the final. Said daughter's actually quite worried about the guy with tourettes. She'd like to believe they've put him in there to highlight the syndrome but has difficulty believing it (as do I). More likely they just wanted somebody for the nation could take the piss out of.

    The first BB I found quite interesting. A sort of social experiment to see how 12 total strangers would react to each other when confined for that length of time but now it's just a circus and I grew out of them a long time ago.

  6. Big Brother? ::shudder::

  7. I enjoyed the last Celebrity BB but that was only because of Pete Burns and George Galloway.

    Can't be bothered with the non-celebs.

  8. I never watched the Real World on MTV but somehow find the Surreal Life on VH1 horribly amusing. It's like watching a train wreck and somehow with pathetic celebrities its more entertaining than with pathetic ordinary people!
    What do you think of Jackass? Personally the day Steve-O falls in a live volcano is the day I throw a party to which the whole world is invited!

  9. I've never seen Jackass, Cheesy.

    Is that the at home with Michael Jackson documentary?