Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They Don't Just Keep Your Chips Warm

As I enter the station platform of a morning, I like to look at what other people are reading.

Look, there's a Da Vinci Code.

And there's a Mein Kampf.

It's usually the newspaper headlines I'm after, though. And often I am unable to see the whole headline as to crane my neck could be construed as harassment.

So this morning I see most of the front of The Sun...


Ah, I think. The terrorist threat again. They're making sure we KEEP VIGILANT. Of course I am, I'm forever checking for stray rucksacks in the overhead luggage compartments.

Then I see another Sun, this time the whole front cover...


And then at my London station, the free paper The Metro has the headline...


Great, I think. Good old Mr Murdoch is giving us another 15 Bible bashing channels and 25 Phone-In Quiz channels to play about with.

But no, the story is the EC's relaxation of the Government crackdown on booze and fags cruisers who make a tidy living from their regular jaunts to France.

Calais here we come.


  1. While I was working at the Dartford Crossing there were many incedences of unfortunate "day trippers" being hailed by the police just short of the tunnel and invited to pull in to the marshalling area, called Kent Point. They were easy to spot, they were the vans whose rear wheel arches were obscuring most of the wheel and took three miles to accelerate to 30. They were then invited to divest themselves of their excess load for a small consideration, comletely in the interests of safety. I never saw nuffink, guv.

  2. Apologies for the spelling mistakes there. Bad.