Friday, May 12, 2006

Pre-Cup-Final Tension

Wednesday night I dreamt I was in the team. I didn't recognise any of my team mates or the opposition. It was a tense match. I bicycle-kicked the ball away from our penalty area. I woke up with my foot an inch from the bedroom radiator.

Last night I also dreamt I was in the team. Except my team was a rock band and we were in a battle of the bands with the Flaming Lips. I was thinking we could piss all over these jokers but Wayne Coyne threw us a googly, interrupting their set by tucking into the buffet, playing for time. They then did that song that asks me if I realise that everybody is going to die. I retaliated by putting my heart and soul into the Beatles' Yesterday, followed by a new song I'd just written. We blew the audience away.

Sorry, Liverpool. Do one. This is our year.


  1. Geoff, you really must stop eating cheese in bed.

    I would like to wish the Irons the very best. I have no particular loyalty on this one but as my cohabitee is from E17 I feel duty bound to root for her side. Will Ashton be fit?

  2. Cheers, Richard.

    Still don't know whether Ashton or Etherington are fit - I bet Benitez doesn't know what to do.

    Watching the build-up on tv, wondering where Alf Garnett and his Scouse git son-in-law are.

    It's been 26 years, you know.

  3. Good luck to plucky West Ham and plucky Gretna in the Scottish Cup Final.

    Not a bad team, Gretna. A marriage of youth and experience.

  4. I have just realised my huge mistake so I'd better correct it before she notices. She's from E15, she never was in a band.

    Yes plucky Gretna. That would be unusual, a team with Scottish players winning the Scottish Cup Final.

  5. Hey! MJ sang you a song...whats going on? maybe I will read and find out...Nope, sorry, the post about dreams isnt helping explain why MJ is singing to you. Hmmm.

  6. Hard luck. Great final and no disgrace in losing that one.

  7. Everyone please pass the tissues to Geoff.

  8. ~d - Me and MJ sing to each other every Saturday.

    Richard - good match for the neutral, eh? Great final - let's just hope Gerrard can do the same for England. I see Gretna lost on penalties, too.

    MJ - I never cry when we lose, only when we win or when Bobby Moore is mentioned.

  9. I'm crying 'cause I didn't get to see the footie wives.

  10. I had to laugh when somebody described Gerrard as a big game player during the match - he's played pants for England recently yet he turns out decent stuff for Liverpool week after week. Matt Le Tissier anyone?

    That really was a great game though. No filthy tackles, nobody cynically falling 25 yards out (they went down but "properly"), great spirit and I think Liverpool know they were damn lucky to win. A game like that doesn't deserve to go to penalties.

  11. All of Manchester and the blue half of Liverpool were West Ham fans for the day.
    You didn't let us down.