Thursday, May 18, 2006


I suppose I should be grateful to Mr Moog for giving us the Moog, the premier analogue synthesiser.

The Moog probably appears on a lot of my favourite tracks. Being a non-muso I couldn't tell you which.

But. But. Without the Moog, we'd have no Keith Emerson. No Rick Wakeman. Teenage boys with high IQs and no soul in the 70s would have had to stick to listening to guitar solos which, no matter how excrutiating, are still more palatable than monophonic keyboard wanking.

It's sad to see Mr Moog, only months of life left in him, playing a tone-deaf Ol' Man River on his beloved Theremin near to the river by his home.

An experimental Russian musician who was involved in the early stages of Moog development would have preferred the instrument to be keyboard-free, presumably just twiddly knobs and slides.

Which would have done me just fine.


  1. Nice title.

    The moog is a fine invention. Almost as fine as the vocoder.

  2. You too?

    We're taking over the blogging world!

    Peter Frampton's a genius.

  3. No, give me a good mellotron any day.

  4. And how do you feel about the ondes martenot?

  5. All I know about keyboards is summed up in Ebony And Ivory.


  6. Peter Frampton uses a talk-box rather than a vocoder. No keys on that.