Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Some Crazy Things You Just Can't Get Out Of Your Head

And today it's Stuart Staples of the Tindersticks singing vowels...

Ayhee Eehee Eyehi Oho Uhu

Stop it, Stuart.


  1. Are they still going?

  2. I think they're working on solo projects.

    They were massive in Northern Portugal when we were there in the late 90s. Well, they were advertising their CD in all the record shops, anyway.

  3. I always got them mixed up with Gallon Drunk. It was that whole sub-Bad Seeds vibe. "We're middle-class and articulate, but we like to float the implication that we might not be entirely averse to hard drugs. But we prefer to talk about Charles Bukowski and stuff."

  4. I never liked them, Tim. Honest.

    Oh, alright I did for a while.

  5. Heh...and also, e-i-e-i-o!