Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Check Me Out

On the other side of the coin to our local ASDA, is the Tesco Metro near where I work.

In Tesco Metro, you get a much nicer class of customer, of course. Nicely brought up, with nice accents.

But nice people can have slightly annoying habits, too. Such as:-

1. Not saying "thank you" to the cashier.

2. Speaking on their mobile phone throughout the transaction, not even looking in the cashier's direction.

3. Saying "Give me..." or "Get me..." when they should be saying "Can I have..." when asking for something.

4. Not saying "please" at the end of a sentence asking for something.

5. Saying "Excuse me, I was next," when they're in another fucking queue, accusing ME of queue jumping when there are TWO queues for TWO tills, not one queue. It's not the fucking Post Office or your bank, it is a superfuckingmarket with ONE queue per till. If you choose the wrong fucking queue, it's your own fucking fault. OK? **

**Being well brought up, too, I capitulated and still beat the tosser out of the door.


  1. Let it out Geoff. We had a similar incident at John Lennon Airport in the summer where we had a go at an assistant for smirking while we argued with some Norwegians about queue jumping. We were actually on the point of being ejected by security just for standing up for a point of principle. It's at times like that I wish I actually had Brian Blessed's stature and voice rather than just his beard.

    (The word verification has disappeared so I'm trying "bollocks")

  2. Or Giant Haystacks'.
    I always avoid arguments. That's why I've never had a fight but the other person always thinks they've won.
    Well let's see their blogs, eh? All you arseholes. Where're your blogs? C'mon. Let's be 'avin' you!

  3. I'm shit at it so do try and stay out, especially when they're bigger than me. I start shaking and gagging on my words and then I start swearing with frustration. Very unbecoming. When it's all over I think of all the cutting and withering wit I could have employed and try and commit it to memory, which immediately fails when called upon. Except for Tiscali customer service who I called a bunch of fucking wankers on Sunday. Also for some reason whenever I walk into Comet's I want to hit someone for no other reason other than they work there.

  4. Whenever I walk into Comet's I immediately wonder why as Currys is next door.

  5. I didn't think they did queues at John Lenneon. When I flew from there it was a Rugby scrum.
    The only rule was people with small brats go first. Grrrrr!

    I jumped the queue in the bar at Wetherspoons yesterday - not bad for a 5foot pensioner. Good thing you weren't around Geoff.

  6. People with small brats go first?
    Handy for Mrs Noel Edmonds then.

  7. Kaz - Imagine all the people, Queueing for a plane, ooh hoo oo oo hoo. I get to expect people beating me to the bar, especially 5ft pensioners. Did the bar person ask "Who needs a drink?"

    Murph - He used to be allowed in hand luggage until the latest security measures.

  8. Looks like they fall into categories 2-6 according to Plum's rule of Social Order

  9. RoMo - I feel more at home at the local Asda even thought I'm more likely to get beaten up.