Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Owe It All To You

It is a depressing statistic, but 99.9% of women of my generation just LOVE the film Dirty Dancing.

It is a fact, therefore, that I didn't find love in the eighties.

Over 200,000 tickets have been sold for the musical version of Dirty Dancing. The show opens at the Aldwych Theatre tonight.

By a stunning coincidence, Patrick Swayze is in town, performing in the musical Guys & Dolls. Just in case you don't know, let me tell you that Patrick, the very individual-looking, leather-faced hunk was the star of the original film version of Dirty Dancing. He was also the star of Ghost, in which he moulded a ceramic version of his cock. I'm sure he'll be in the audience at the Aldwych at some point, so I hope you're lucky, girls.

Heart 106.2 are celebrating this major cultural event by playing (I've had) The Time Of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes. Surprisingly, I've only heard it once today.

So far.


  1. Add 'Flashdance' to that mix.

    I am speaking up as a woman who didn't enjoy Flashdance or Dirty Dancing or have any desire for Patrick Swayze's ceramic cock.

    In fact, I bad-mouthed Flashdance so badly as I was watching it with guests that our female guest had no desire to ever see me again. Because she loved it. Actually, that was a bonus that I never had to see her again. But I really detested every minute of it.

    Yay Geoff.

  2. Interesting lesson that everything naff comes back into fashion if only you wait long enough.

    Remember my wise words when you go to see "James Blunt the Musical" in 2019.

  3. They always claim it's the dancing they're interested in, too.

  4. Anonymous4:50 PM

    I also hate "Footloose". Just a load of freakin` bollocks, and, of course, the obligatory title track from the painfully-bearded Kenny Loggins.

  5. Thank you all for your support. I could've done with this blogging malarkey in the eighties.

    And welcome, Sky. I wonder if Kenny owns a computer?

    "What's your log-in name, Kenny?"
    "Kenny Log-in?"
    "Ha bloody ha."

  6. Painfully Bearded?

    Is that like you Geoff?

  7. nobody puts baby in the corner

  8. i carried a watermelon?!?!

  9. I've just had another shave, Murph.

    UC/Marnie - You've lost me. I've only ever been in the same room as when it's playing, I've never actually sat down and watched it.

    This watermelon business: is it meant to be rude, because I don't understand it? Did that gonkface Swayze get Baby up the duff?

  10. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I was introduced to the wonders of Dirty Dancing somewhat late in life, only discovering it's guilty pleasures after moving into University halls. Sharing a flat with four other women meant that there was a strict televisual diet of either Friends, Footballers Wives and Dirty Dancing on offer. God forbid if you should actually want to watch the news!

    I do admit I love it. Ol' snakehips Swayze is the main draw and any woman who tells you otherwise is lying.

    However I prefer his action work, Roadhouse in particular. He tears a man's throat out with his bare hands! Now THAT'S what I call entertainment!

  11. That 'James Blunt, the Musical' sounds good. Who's the love interest? Lily Allen?

  12. Although I hate dancing I quite like Dirty Dancing the film. Although it is so formulaic it makes me cry. Well that was my excuse anyway.

  13. Grease - fine
    Footloose - cut loose NOW
    Dirty Dancing - bollocking crap
    Fame - fine
    Flashdance - fuck off

    that's my opinion as one of the female contingent

    Don't forget Pretty In Pink and Ferris Bueller's Day Off will you? Neither of which I've seen in their entirety I hasten to add.

    Just going to 'Kenny' now.

  14. Whatever happened to Jennifer Warnes?
    I liked her .. and yes ... I liked Dirty Dancing.
    I'm not ashamed!

  15. I always liked Point Break. Famous quote: young, dumb and full of cum. Only one of those applies to me.

  16. Jennifer Warnes along with old Joe Cocker is partly responsible for many sleepless nights and wrecked afternoons in the early 80s. As soon as we heard those first few words from the flat above we knew the creaking would start. Luckily it only lasted for the duration of the song although I do wish they hadn't felt the need to add their own lyrics

  17. I dunno, never seen any of these films. In those days I only ever watched arthouse films with subtitles or old black and white movies. Even now I refuse to watch any film which is described as "a feelgood movie" or a "chick flick", because I know that they'll make me "lose the will to live".

    Incidentally, Patrick Swayze is as sexy as a dried up haggis.

  18. Just a shame James Blunt hadn't played opposite him in "Roadhouse".

  19. I'd like to see James Blunt and Swayze in a stage performance of Dr Spunkenstein. Blunty would play the doctor and Swayze would play the monster (no make up needed). Just the 2 of them onstage.

    I think they'd have the time of their lives.

  20. What's the verdict on Grease 2? I saw it once by mistake. *shudder*

  21. Oh frig-couldn't get through dirty dancing. Horrendous viewing experience.Why did you remind me of its existence ;).

  22. I'm surprised no-one's had a go at 'Saturday Night Fever' surely the apex of the genre.

  23. Give me Singin' In The Rain or an old Astaire or Garland film any day.

    Any film with dancing from the 70s onwards just looks cheap, nasty, and frankly pornographic to me.

  24. Except for The Wicker Man of course which is fanfuckingtastic.

  25. I'm a big Fred Astaire fan myself but I must admit to getting a bit of a tingle out of 'Staying Alive'. Didn't Travolta get heavy in a hurry eh? Round about Pulp Fiction I'd say.

  26. "You just put your pickle on everybody's plate, College Boy, and leave the hard stuff to me."


  27. Dick - It's natural to get a tingle out of Staying Alive. Not too sure about Travolta.

    Spin - Pickle? Did it involve a ploughman's lunch?

  28. The other half has reminded me of "Shag" from 1989. It had Bridget Fonda in and wasn't that bad I seem to remember

  29. I like to ask women what their favourite film is: Grease or Dirty Dancing?

    "Uh? Is that a serious question or another bad joke?" is the usual, impressed reply.

  30. I had to watch Dirty Dancing as part of a film course I did at university. The only film they took a register for, and just for the boys. The girl sat next to me started crying at the end, so i turned to her and said "Oh come on, it's not that bad. And it's nearly finished now."

    I'm looking forward to Dirrty Dancing starring Nelly and Xtina Aguilera. Filthy!

  31. Part 7

    Nancy sat down near a shed in the countryside to look more closely at her starlight. It was like a moment from a favourite film. She thought that her favourite films involved starlight. She got up and danced around in cirlces. She did not want Patrick. She did not want him. She only wanted starlight and the glow from without and within.

    Now go to part 8.

  32. The one that really pisses me off is 'Fame'. Too much fun by half.

  33. Antonym - If I asked that question at work they'd definitely take it seriously.

    Del - So they mixed the boys and girls? I would've thought the boys would have been at the back flicking elastic bands.

    Molly - No, they all want Patrick and his easy sway.

    Dick - If you want to live forever it's best not to learn how to fly. We haven't got wings.

  34. Oops, that was meant to be 'circle'

    No, I really, really, really don't want Patrick. I really, really don't like that film. Ugh, urrrrgh, urrrrrrgh. Noooooo!

    *Quietly vomits.*

  35. No Geoff, these are American pickles. We call them gherkins.

    But they come with everything over there, which is quite nice once you get over the shock of having a bloody great bit of vinegarey cucumber in yer sandwich.

  36. It was an American Studies/English class. There were only about 2 other boys in the whole lecture theatre. I had to sit next to rubbish stinky girls. Bah.