Monday, October 09, 2006

The Moment ABBA Decided On Their Band Name


BENNY: Oh, yes, yes, yes. That is so good.

BJORN: Do you want some more, Benny?

BENNY: Just one more...Oh, Bjorn! That is so good!

BJORN: That seems to be the last of the coal, anyway.

BENNY: Did you get to speak to Stig last night, Bjorn?

BJORN: I did. And Stig has some big ideas for our next gig.

BENNY: I don't dig Stig's big ideas. Remember when he wanted us all to wear hot pants?

BJORN: Stig's no prig. Neither am I, Benny.

BENNY: You've got a good figure, Bjorn. But do you really think the world is ready for my big ass?

BJORN: I suppose not. But three out of four isn't bad.

BENNY: OK, then. Hit me with Stig's marvellous brainwave.

BJORN: He says at our next gig...We'll have our initials in lights behind us on stage. The first letters of all our first names will be the new name of the band! 'BABA'!



BENNY: Oh great idea, Stig. And we can call the first album '40 Thieves'.

BJORN: Great minds think alike, Benny.

BENNY: Calm down, Bjorn. Sit down and cover your modesty. You and I have some talking to do.


  1. Ha!

    Don't you just hate it when you draw the short straw and have to be the one leaping from the television?

  2. Bjorn looks ESPECIALLY happy to see us.

  3. Billy - That's my favourite channel.

    MJ - Mr & Mrs, both bursting out.

  4. Didn't Stig used to be in the Rutles?

    And Benny was perhaps still holding a candle for Miss Diane at the motel. Maybe there had been a power cut.

  5. Stig used to be in a band called The Dump. They were shit. He added an 'n' to his name. He was still shit.

    As long as Benny wasn't holding Bjorn's candle.

  6. Very good Geoff! You'll have to do "The day they invented the name for the Police" next in your series.

  7. Er...testing...testing? Third attempt at a comment.

  8. Did they beat each other with small branches after coming out of the sauna? That's what I want to know..saw people doing that once on a michael palin travel show interesting mental image. Will never think of ABBA in quite the same way again ;).

  9. This scene would have been considerably sexier if the girls had been in the sauna with them.

  10. Murph - Tne Day They Invented The Police would be more tragedy than comedy.

    Richard - One two. One two.

    Lee - I think Bjorn was too delicate to be beaten with a branch.

    Rob - I think the scene would have been a lot sexier if the girls had been in the sauna without them.

  11. My original comment was concern over the the whereabouts of the rest of Agnetha's body. Look closely and you can see a foot at an alarming angle but the rest of her body has been devoured by the telly. Was this the point at which she became reclusive?

  12. She was rebulit as the six million kroner woman.