Sunday, October 01, 2006


Remember the post I did back at the beginning of August concerning the death of the Betty/Geoff blog Search Me? Well, we couldn't let it lie. We had to go back and revive the dying beast.

It's bigger and better than before (only because Betty is the only one who has done any posts recently). Don't worry, I'll be along soon to balls it all up.

And talk about nepotism! I'm now going to order you over to a couple of our friends' blogs just in case you didn't go there last time we mentioned them.

There's Fears Forever, Glenda's shrine to the wonder that is Tears For Fears' Roland Orzabal. This week Glenda's found true love so I think we all ought to be immensely happy for her.

And there's Farmer Giles' Cock Blog, a weekly interactive haven for bird lovers to revel in the delights of nature.

That is the last I will mention of any of those three blogs as they've got to stand on their own six legs from now on.


As a special Sunday treat, one of my dear friends has agreed to appear sporadically on this blog. Nigel Coupling was one of the original Liverpool Beat Poets and a good friend of Cilla Black until he gave it all up to be a psychiatric nurse. He's recently retired from the profession and he is tentatively dipping his toes back into the water of verse.

Today Nigel would like to present to you all his poem, Doris:-


Doris Spokes, the cycling psychic
pedalled to the shops one day.
When slowed down by PC Mike Dick,
said, "I know what you will say."

"You're going to say you want to pick
the brains of your dead Uncle Ron."
"No," he said, "you're fucking nicked,
for cycling with no knickers on."

Nigel says, "eat your heart out, Roger McGough." (They don't get on).


  1. Nigel is a genius. Roger McGough can go hang (geddit!).

    As for Doris Spokes, it's encouraging to know that she is still going strong and pictured here.

  2. Speaking as a cock lover, I heartily recommend Farmer Giles' Cock Blog.

  3. Murph - I hope Doris is more suitably attired at the cricket.

    MJ - As a Tears For Fears fanatic I'm similarly enamoured by Glenda's blog.

  4. Thank you for the link, Geoff. I had a little spike yesterday.

    Maybe I ought to start a Search Me type blog myself. I had a search for "small cocks" yesterday and one for "Grandad cocks". There's a whole gamut of cocks out there and a lot of people interested in all the different types.

  5. '(They don't get on).' He gets my vote, even before odes of such quality. McGuff ranks around about Jamie Oliver on my list of lamp-post candidates.

  6. Krusty - One of my all-time favourite tv moments was McGough on Jools Hooteninny or whatever it was - Jools & Rog having a good chinwag followed by a simply marvellous poem about Britpop. He understands the human condition so well.