Thursday, November 16, 2006

Behind Saraband

Behind Saraband is a documentary about the making of Ingmar Bergman's superb 2003 TV drama -"Saraband".

The director gives the actors clear directions; what, how, and when. These directions free the actors from worrying about anything other than playing their parts.

After a scene, the young actress stands, it seems in tears. She feels she hasn't found 'the truth' in her playing of the scene. The director reassures her. It is not what she feels that is right. What is right is what is seen by the audience. The scene seemed right to the director on his monitor, so it is right for the film. No argument, just gentle reason.

The 84 year old director is more touchy feely with the young actress than with the rest of the cast; a woman and a man in their sixties, a man in his eighties. They have a wealth of experience and do not need a director's guiding hand. The young woman needs the old man to physically move her with his bare hands. Which he does at every possible opportunity, the old goat.

The director never watches any of his own films. Once they are completed, that is it for him. He has lived the film and it is time to move on.


And it is time for me to move on. To Ghent. I will be back next week.

Till we meet again, my friends.

Bottoms up!


  1. Kwak one open on us, Geoff. Cheers.

  2. Yes Ingmar has always been very sensitive to the needs of young actresses. A little touch of encouragement goes a long way.

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Why do bloggers go on holiday in November? Is it just willful perversity?

  4. It's cheap and there are no children

  5. MJ - I'll pwobably dwop it and bweak it.

    Dick - Liv Ullmann was watching with recognition.

    Realdoc - To get away from Christmas.

    Richard - That too.

  6. I hope you have a lovely time. I'm sure you'll find the spider in your travelling bags.

    Do you have one of those ones on wheels? I'd like one of those. I'd sit on it and get someone to drag me through customs.

    I'm just having a strange moment as Eve's face is looming up from the post below and she looks just like my old English teacher. Run for the hills!

  7. 'Eve has nice tits'. Is that the answer to any of the quiz questions.